Nathan’s 50 State Completion Tour: Part Two

July 13, 2021: 9:30AM PDT:

I’m currently about an hour and a half or so from leaving for the airport for the second part of my 50 state completion tour. As it is I am still relaxing and have a bit more preparation to do, but it will be interesting to compare the trip and the experience to the next six states that I am visiting as opposed to the first two that I visited over the past few days. Oklahoma and Kansas were lovely and friendly places to visit, and I am curious to see what the other states have to offer. Today will be a repositioning trip of sorts, in that it is only half of the trip and does not offer any new states. Instead we will fly to Dallas and stay the night and then fly the rest of the way to Rapid City tomorrow, where we will begin the exploration. Tomorrow will likely be a very long day, so I hope to have at least a few videos to share, but there will likely not be much time to write.

1:03PM PDT:

We are sitting at the airport and the plane is going to board in about 23 minutes or so. So far it has been a pleasant trip, though my mother’s leg is bothering her a bit. So far it’s a quiet trip, and I hope to have more to report later on when we get on the plane. I have some snacks to eat in a flight where there may not be much repast to be found.

7/14/2021: 7:55AMCDT

What an exciting morning this has been. I am sitting at the gate and we are about to begin boarding. My name was just called, so let this wait until later.

11:17PM CDT

Today I have added three states to my list of states visited (South Dakota, Nebraska, and Iowa), and let me assure you that it has been a madcap adventure all the way. As I write this I have just settled down in my hotel room in Sioux City, Iowa, and there is a lot to say about today, it is just that there has been no time to say it. I hope it won’t take too long to get done what I am looking to write as well as show my mom, but all the same we plan on getting a relatively relaxed start tomorrow because the first stop, near the hotel, does not open until 10:00AM, so we won’t be in a mad rush to leave, at least.

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