Book Review: The Principles Of Astrological Geomany

The Principles Of Astrological Geomancy, The Art Of Divining By Punctuation, by Franz Hartman

I have to admit that I found this book to be highly disappointing on multiple grounds. For one, the book itself demonstrated far more interest in the desire to have the illusion of understanding about the character of people or the course of the future through divination and astrology than it did the desire to understand the actual nature of the earth. There are some very good reasons why it is that divination by any means is so strongly prohibited in the Bible and it is telling that this desire for the illusion of knowledge and insight based on astrological meaning should have been published by a medical doctor in the late 1800’s based on at least some supposed insights that came from medieval and early modern astrologers. This is the sort of book whose value, to the extent that it has value, is as a historical source of what people have believed and thought rather than a source to use as a means of gaining additional knowledge. And judging from this book and the near total absence of interest in this book and its materials and approach in the contemporary world, even with the increased popularity of astrology within general society in recent decades, it appears as if astrology itself is a subject of interest but the pseudoscientific approach of astrological geomancy lacks the same degree of appeal.

This particular book is a relatively short one of a bit less than 150 pages. This book can be broadly divided into two parts. The first part of the book contains an esoteric discussion of astrological geomancy itself and the second attempts to provide a large amount of answers to various practitioners of this obscure art, which was apparently popular in theosophical circles. The first part of the book is then further divided into various chapters dealing with particular explanations. We start with an introduction and then move to a brief discussion of astrology as well as the seven astrological planets (the sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn). After this comes discussions of conjunctions, of the astrological signs with a “Gospel of the Stars” approach, and of the symbols of geomancy. After this comes a preparation for the reader in the practice of astrological geomancy and then instructions as well as the field itself. This is followed by the supposed significations of such symbols depending on their position, and more examples and explanations.

In general, at least from my reading, geomancy has proven to be a generally obscure topic as far as it relates to attempts to understand the world. This obscurity and difficulty is increased when one seeks to use the same principles of the earth to seek to understand other planets in a metaphorical sense. This book is a demonstration of the way that supposed mystical knowledge that would allow people to view their lives and the lives of others as destined in some fashion apart from the will and providence of God leads to a great deal of imaginary knowledge that neither succeeds when one compares it to a proper understanding of scripture nor to an understanding of the actual planets involved themselves. To be sure, though, there is a great deal of appeal in believing that one understands things, which is why such subjects have at least some popularity to those with particular interests in esoteric matters. And there are still plenty of people with such esoteric interests, meaning that a book like this is still likely to be read by someone, even though it is not likely to be widely read or remotely widely understood.

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