The Treaty Of Multi Prime: Part Four

With that the fleet started gradually to aim towards the Northern continent where the settlers would make their home, breaking out based on their communities, and the emperor and a few of his associates went into a small craft and, after going through the atmosphere, sailed towards the largest group of beings that they saw in the mostly forested southern continent.  As they flew the crew was mostly silent, pondering in their mind how they would protect the emperor should the discussion go south in any way.  As for the emperor, he had a powerful feeling that he had a link to these beings, but it was hard for him to think of why he would, except that it must have come from his father’s own expeditions, whose information was known only in part at this time because it had been kept private by a planetary government that at that moment was fighting for its life in the Kuiper Belt while he and the others he led were settling.  He wondered to himself about what an irony it was that an emperor did not even have information that would make such a trip like this easier, but he did not let it trouble him too much as he went about trying to ponder what it is that would give him a link to whatever was here.

Eventually the ship found a clearing where a large number of the dots, which the security staff kept on calling bogeys, were starting to collect.  At last the visuals revealed what it was that these beings were, for some reason the electronic connection had not worked and they had to wait to see what was going on until they could physically see them from close range, and what they saw was something that was quite shocking to them, a group of dinosaurs about the height of a person, with an obvious look of intelligence about them, in fact, waiting for them as a party.  There was a silent plea on the part of some of the people there for the emperor to stay inside, but somehow he knew that he needed to be the one to interact with these beings.  They were surely noble creatures of obvious intelligence, and since they would be sharing a planet, it would be good for them to get along with each other.  He had a feeling that the two of these beings could join together admirably if they shared the same kind of link with him and with each other that he did with them and with others.

Finally, the craft landed and the emperor walked out, flanked on both sides by security and by aides, as he came to approach the party of dinosaurs.  The dinosaur at the middle of the group, flanked about like he was, appeared to be the highest status being as well, and they looked at each other with mutually curious and intelligent eyes, walking towards each other, until both of them mutually decided to place their foreheads together for several minutes.  At this moment the emperor remembered that he had done this same thing only a few days ago with the leaders of the other groups of settlers who were now going about their business and also with a friend a long time ago who was now fighting to defend the Kuiper Belt from invasion. He did not know why he had done that, but somehow intuitively he realized it gave him a connection to other beings, stronger or weaker based on their own capabilities for bonding in such a fashion.  Here he felt that the being he was bonding with was, like him, very powerful and also very good, and it gave him a great deal of hope that his proposal to them would be successful.  He hoped, at least, that there would be some way to communicate it to him.

When the bonding process was over, the assembled beings there looked at the two of them before calling out in various celebratory sounds.  The emperor smiled and said, “Do you understand what I am saying?”  The dinosaur looked at him quizzically, and the emperor continued, “Or do you sense what I am thinking?”  With this the dinosaur called out happily.  He could feel as if the dinosaurs had been afraid when they saw the ships come in, but were relieved to find only one small vessel, not even armed, heading towards them.  They seemed to be more relaxed than before, and their relaxing helped the people around the emperor to be relaxed as well.  “Of course, you thought they were friends,” one of them said to him.  “Why wouldn’t I?  What are most strangers other than potential friends,” the emperor replied, knowing that not everyone felt about these things the way that he did.  But here, as had been the case so often before, the emperor had been right to see these beings as friends, and now it was going to be his job to convince some of them to join him.  He wondered how to do that, and how to convince his fellow associates that it would be a wise idea to bring these dinosaurs close to him and close to them.  He saw in his mind’s eye a vision that cheered him, even if it did not cheer everyone, of the dinosaurs serving as part of the buffer between himself and those who were overly ambitious and looking out for their own interests.  He had a feeling that the beings here would be willing to follow him into the craft, but he knew that he needed to make his intentions plain to the people in such a way that they would not revolt against him, however ambivalently they felt about the creatures.

The emperor paused for a beat and then spoke up.  “Thank you for your warm and friendly greeting, noble creatures.  While I did not know you were here, it appears as if our paths have crossed, as I and others have already been blessed by the gift of bonding with you.  As I have been chosen to lead my people to this planet to make a home where you are, I have a proposal for you all.  I would like to invite as many of you as wish to come along with me on my vessel to make a home among my people and to share with us in life in this and other planets.  As long as it is acceptable to you, I would like to ensure that we have at least one couple in every ship and in every town to help raise families where your race and ours can learn to live with each other in peace, and where we can best ensure that we are able to work together for the benefit of safety and security in the entire galaxy.  I also propose that we better to understand the beings that are around this planet so that we may form a partnership with the shipeaters as well who dwell in space above this planet.”  He said this, looking up towards space, and somehow he felt the creatures understood him.  In the meantime, the people around him looked at him in awe and wonder.  Whatever could he mean by this?

Continuing on, the emperor stated, “I believe that you can be safer if you expand your territory from beyond this continent, which is and shall remain your own, to dwell along with us in the northern continent and also in other planets and among the stars.  I believe that I and my people will also be safer with you around, not least because of the gift of insight that you provide to those you trust and bond with and also because of your abilities to destroy electronics around you, should you feel worried, as we have already witnessed.  With these abilities, and with our cooperation, I believe that your race and mine can help conquer the stars and preserve it from any threats, be it from earth or elsewhere.”  With this the dinosaurs looked at him, understanding at least some of the troubles of the native planet they shared that drove them to this point.  The emperor looked at the creatures and saw that he had their undivided attention and approval.  I believe that we can work together, and I hope we shall.”  It may not have been the most rousing speech he could have given had he been aware, but so far, it seemed, he had a fair gift for improvisation and impromptu speeches, and he intended on using it to his advantage, since he had been in situations where he was able to know just a bit ahead of those around him where things were going, and if it was not as far in advance as he would have wished, it was certainly more than enough to ensure that he was ahead of anyone else around him, and that was enough.

He walked to the ship, as did his guard, and found that the entire group of dinosaurs that had met them was willing to walk into the ship with them to travel to the capital and to make their initial settlement there.  It would not take long, though, for things to expand considerably.  He could see considerable advantages in keeping these beings close to him.  Their ability to sense fear and hostility around them, and around him, would be a major increase to his own personal safety.  He could see them being able to sabotage any sort of electronics in a vessel that they boarded or against any who would attempt to board one of their vessels, and the shutting down of vessels and their electronics would make for handy meals for shipeaters out of the vessels of their enemies, should any come close.  He wondered if it would be too much to ask to find a shipeater a home near Multi Station, as he figured it would not be particularly long, maybe a generation or two at the most, when they would need to defend that outpost against continual attacks coming from earth.  And he intended to be ready for them, ready with the power of dinosaurs and shipeaters and a firm knowledge of the terrain they were fighting in, and with all the advancements of technology that he and his people would be able to uncover.  He hoped it would be enough.  There was also the off chance that he would find the beings who created the gates, and who were responsible for cultivating the shipeater, and he hoped that they too would be friendly enough when they were found, if they wanted to be found.

In silence the group skimmed over the surface of the seas between the southern continent and the northern continent where the place would soon be built.  The dinosaurs themselves were careful and cautious, and the emperor knew that he had said enough and that his assistants would need to figure out how they were going to react to the permanent presence of these beings around him and around them for the safety of them all.  While the emperor was reflective and the dinosaurs were cautious, quite a few of the people around the emperor were terrified.  So far in the past few days, they had seen him make a bold claim for leadership over several solar systems connected by gates as well as seeking to befriend two dangerous and powerful alien species with whom he had an ability to communicate that they did not.  They did not think he was aiming for absolute power in what was meant to be a somewhat egalitarian constitutional monarchy, but they knew he had powers that they had to respect and address, and they did not know what to make of the powers that they had seen of his over the past few days.  Perhaps it would be necessary to add to the treaties that had been made, to make sure that power did not get too centralized.  Yet if they realized that the emperor was aware of their fear not only of the dinosaurs but also of him, they did not reflect on how many steps that the emperor was likely already ahead of them.  But that would not matter for now, for now it was time to reach a new home.

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