The Treaty Of Multi Prime: Part Two

As it happens, the Treaty of Multi Prime was an easy one to approve of. The obviousness of the generosity of giving each signatory nation its own sovereign space on a base while providing for the common defense of all made free riding impossible for any of the various groups of the armada to countenance, for the sake of their honor and reputation, at least. Similarly, the obviousness of the threat should the tyrannical rulers of earth rule over this space made it utterly inconceivable that anyone would shrink from desiring for the maximum protection of this space. Given these conditions, it was not hard to submit to a general compact, with various bilateral trade deals and the building of communication networks to preserve the common goodwill of all parties, now that everyone was free to settle space under their rule and encouraged to be fruitful and multiply to better secure this area of space through having the demographics to support the military infrastructure that was seen as being completely critical to defend this area of space. No one had to mention the fact that the presence of so many gates in such a small area demonstrated this as extremely important space for whoever it was that built these gates in the first place, a matter that no one wanted to discuss for obvious reasons.

It was therefore of little surprise that before too long the four component fleets went their separate ways. The emperor went with the largest part of the armada, exploring and sensing the various planets along their way to the rendezvous at the super earth planet that was already set aside as the capital of the system as a whole, and of the empire that was as sure to rise as the sun would shine. This allowed the emperor and his supporters to take stock of their fleet and how it had fared over the past few years with some leisure over the period of a couple of days that it took to make the trip. It would have been made a bit faster, but one of the ships in the armada, a transport vessel with some religious refugees, had sustained some damage in its escape from earth which had been exacerbated by the rough trip through the gate, and at the moment it looked like it was being held together with chicken wire and duct tape. There was significant concern about a hull breach that would endanger the life of everyone in the ship, and so it was already being discussed how it was that the people on that vessel were to be delivered from it before what promised to be a difficult landing on Multi Prime, as the ship looked like it might not survive the entry into Multi Prime’s atmosphere.

The leisurely pace was fine as far as the emperor was concerned. The early scans indicated that not only were the planets of this system suitable for life, but that three of them already had biomes that were ready to support human settlement at present without any terraforming efforts, which would be a major advantage in establishing powerful settlements with rapid population growth. Though there did not appear to be any people on these planets, there were existing plants and plans were already being drawn up for the settlement with people choosing the locations they wanted for settlements and rules for land use and the governing of communities proceeding along nicely. It was good that the emperor did not find it necessary to involve himself in such discussions on a low-level, seeing as there were already active communities in the fleet already and these communities and their existing structures would be the basis of the pioneer communities that would be soon to develop. The emperor made it clear to his subordinates, many of whom would be leaders of communities themselves, that he wanted society organized on a complex enough basis so that there would be multiple ways for people to obtain honor and dignity, and thus lower the social difficulties. Likewise, even though these planets they were settling were well-suited to farming, gardening and the multi-use buildings so that housing, business, and even gardening were all done in the same spaces, so as to reduce the divide that had existed on earth between basic production and consumption.

It was fortunate that, by and large, the group of people traveling through the Multi system could all be considered as petit bourgeois, which was ideal as far as the emperor was concerned. It was decided to base settlement on the land patterns that existed, with an understanding that changing weather patterns would lead to shifts and that there would be a high importance on understanding the climate patterns for these and future planets to allow for long-term profitable small family farms and small businesses that would be nimble and flexible to changing conditions and that would avoid the concentration of too much land and power in the hands of anyone. Part of the importance of building such a focus on communities would be to help everyone to understand that the well-being of any member of those communities would depend on the well-being of everyone involved. No one was to profit at the expense of others, and if this required careful and time-consuming efforts in understanding the interests everyone brought to the table as well as the design of motivations and incentives to channel the creative energies and ambitions of the people involved towards socially productive ends, then that is what would happen. This was a matter of importance, but not necessarily urgency, since it would take time for communities to develop trust as a whole, although much work had already begun with the communities themselves that had developed in the ships over the course of the past few years of travel.

Even the emperor’s own settlement, which was being designed as an easily defensible but not too overwhelming hillside community near a major river in the northern continent, with a large commercial community planned not too far away on the nearby coastal plain, would be a community where the emperor would have a close relationship with his people, which would without a doubt include a great many people who had ambitions of power and would see his court as a place where such power could be obtained, not always recognizing that the intentional diffusing of power throughout local institutions sought to create less of a space for overweening ambition and provide more places for people to obtain honor and make a difference in their communities and with their peers. The establishment of various voluntary societies and of professional training had already made it possible for communities to be ready to start building and working immediately upon their landing at the places where they would make their home. People, plants, and animals were arranged in the fleet in such a way that would make it easy for small groups of ships to land where settlement would begin, while other ships would stay in deep space and begin the construction of the various planetary bases that would allow for speedy transit throughout space as well as the establishment of trade, tourism, and communication on an easy level between the planets. Much of this work had already begun during the lengthy voyage, and a lot of insights had been gained by those who had already spent some time in space over the past few generations, and so work was proceeding well on what would be required to do both planetside as well in space to build up a functioning economy and state with a minimum of delay.

By the time they had arrived at Multi Prime for the final disbursal of people to their new homes, a great many plans had been made. Once the ships were all gathered together, a counting began that showed one too many vessels, and someone sought to bring this to the attention of their captain, the viewscreen of every vessel was connected not to what was going on outside of their ships in the large collection of vessels that was about to scatter, but to the sight of the emperor sitting in his conference room addressing the unseen audience in a formal but also very respectful way. Some of the people watching had never seen the emperor before, while others had for years known of his diligent efforts to prepare the people of this fleet for their successful settlement on their new home. After a short pause, the emperor began to speak in a thoughtful cadence.

“We come here today after a long journey from earth and its surrounding planets to settle a new home. Much work has been done to plan what needs to be done, and I hope you all have some idea of the new homes and new lives you will be starting over the course of the next few weeks and months. I have been impressed with your abilities to deal with the frustration of the slowness of space travel, in that it has taken us years to reach this point from when we last assembled together near Pluto with a desire to escape the troubles that were threatening to overtake our solar system. There is, when starting off on a new venture, a strong desire to escape the past. But in some ways we cannot escape the past. We bring with us, wherever we go, some aspect of the lives we have left behind and some aspects of the experiences we have had. These experiences include a large amount of suffering because our thoughts and beliefs and behavior did not align with the corrupt and decadent standards of those evil men and women who governed the earth, and whose only mercy to us was permitting us to depart rather than be killed or enslaved under their rule for being so different to those who fancied themselves our legitimate authorities.

I say this because it will be very easy for us all to resent the authority that is necessary to keep a just order in the communities and society and civilization we will be building here. The experience of tyranny and abuse makes it hard to trust anyone who tells you what to do. If we wish to survive and thrive here it will be necessary for us to overcome our past, to work to build up the capacity to trust others and work together with others to build up our homes and our communities. There is no shame in making someone earn your respect, so long as one remembers that you have to earn the respect of others as well. There is nothing wrong about being wary about the motives of others, so long as one recognizes that there has to be a way that one can prove oneself to be trustworthy. Over the years you have had to deal with the tedium and solitude of life in space. Now, many of you will be returning to a life on a planet and will have to engage in the work of farming, cutting down trees, building roads and buildings, and engaging in the labor and trade that allows a society to function. I trust we will be able to work together to build a world that will shine like a star in the heavens, a beacon for those who have hope that human beings can overcome and grow, that we can be greater than our pasts, having learned at least something from our mistakes.

I do not want to leave you under the illusion that things will be easy. It will be hard work to build homes and towns out of the wilderness, to encourage people to develop all of the skills that will be necessary for us to thrive, to execute justice and give everyone a fair chance at the good life. You will have many demands on your neighbors and on your leaders, and they will have many demands on you. We will all be tested to provide not only for our survival today, but for our wellbeing for tomorrow, and for the wellbeing of our children and children’s children as far off as they can be imagined, and still further beyond. I do not wish to bore you or lecture you, but I do wish for you all to know that we are all in this together, and that we will live and work in a covenantal relationship with each other, recognizing the bonds that unite us despite our remoteness and despite the fact that we may be in separate neighborhoods, separate communities, separate planets or even systems, diverse in background and in talents, yet united in love and spirit and loyalty. We will only survive and thrive to the extent that we are able to work together and rise above the isolation that we have faced, and rise above the experiences and troubles that have driven us so far from home to settle this strange new land that will become our homes for hopefully many millennia yet to come.” With that he nodded his head, and everyone went off to work, with the squadrons sent to settle Multi Segundus and Multi Tertius leaving the ships that remained to make final preparations to land on the large and beautiful and green planet below them.

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