The Dinosaurs Of Multipia Project

After a good bit of thinking about various projects to do for this year’s NoWriNaMo, I have decided to write a connected series of short stories related to the lore of a role playing game that I invented quite a long time ago. This particular game dealt with a powerful alliance that was formed between a group of outcasts of very different kinds who were able to understand each other and come to an agreement. These stories explore various aspects of that alliance, including how it was originally formed, almost by accident, and then sealed through efforts at escaping an intolerable political situation, and then blossoming in the exploration of a new world in exile, and then how it came to include at least a couple of other elements to be a truly dominant force in the galaxy. At least a few different genres of short story are included, although all of them feature a certain degree of science fiction elements because of the dinosaurs being involved. Here is a summary of the materials included as well as the posts where they can be found:

Encounter At Isla Uvita: Here the narrator discusses the re-creation of an extinct race of dinosaurs by scientists along with the interaction of those dinosaurs with a sympathetic tourist whose account of the encounter ends up being the only surviving text to survive, by chance, because of the writer’s delicacy in discussing the subject so that it avoids a later purge of all documents relating to the existence of such dinosaurs in the face of a darkening political climate on earth.

Blast Into Exile: Some decades after their initial encounter, a grandson of the original tourist to Isla Uvita is a scout at a base on the minor planet Pluto, where he takes the opportunity to guide the aging re-creator of the dinosaurs and a group of the dinosaurs into exile from an earth that has grown increasingly hostile to them. After a lengthy scouting expedition to the Alpha Centari system, the scout finds a wormhole and the inventor and his dinos vanish into deep space, never to be seen again.

The Treaty Of Multi Prime: A few decades into the future, the incident of the dinosaurs has been largely forgotten, and the son of the original scout is one of the leaders of refugees from Pluto as the unfriendly powers from earth are seeking to increase their power still further and nowhere in the solar system is safe from their rule. Seeking to use the information from the original scouting mission, a group of settlers in an armada go through the wormhole and come upon a nearby system that has an inhabitable planet with lush vegetation but its settlement is complicated by the discovery of two separate alien species that live on and around the planet, requiring savvy diplomacy in order to allow all of the groups to live in peace and seek to find ways of cooperating with each other in harmony.

Sic Semper Rebelles: The aging first emperor of the Multipians is seeking to preserve his rule safe for his son to take over, but reports of a group of anarchists interested in assassinating him leads him and his advisers to set up a trap for the would-be revolutionaries, a dangerous cat-and-mouse game in which the emperor himself serves as the bait.

The Corinthidon Pre-Cognition Team: The government of Multi Prime, after having established peaceful relations between the human and dinosaur groups in Multi Prime seek to exploit that treaty by leveraging the empathic abilities of the Corinthidons and human beings they have been able to imprint with in order to help better solve crime, which leads to various complications as the limitations and implications of beings are better understood.

The Lost One:  A couple of members of the Corinthidon Pre-Cognition team explore the case of a missing Corinthidon who is traveling with a refugee population being smuggled into Multipian territory, which overs between a crime investigation and an impromptu example of interstellar diplomacy.

An Incident At Goa Station: An effort at interstellar diplomacy over the land mines that have divided the growing Multipian Empire from their neighbors is complicated by various factors, including the hostility that some of the parties to the summit treaty have with the strange and alien allies of the Multipians who have come as part of the complex empire’s diplomatic party. What began as a bit of fun becomes a major diplomatic kurfluffle whose resolution requires the development of empathy and understanding among several suspicious earth-based colonists, as well as the surprising appetites of the skipspisere, the mysterious third members of the Multipian alliance.

A Naturalistic Observation, or the Corinthidon Version Of A Bechdel Test: The mysterious narrator of the stories, who turns out to be an intelligence of a nature that makes it (?) the fourth member of the Multipian alliance, seeks to observe the Corinthidons in a context that would seek to understand them apart from their relationship with human beings, which has been difficult to accomplish because all of the sources available have been written from the human point of view.

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