Another Day, Another Dollar, Another War

I often find it amusing when the same problems manifest themselves over and over again. As I have often noted, communication is a particularly Nathanish problem, but it is not only a problem for me personally, but also a problem for other people around me, including a great many people I have to interact with for one reason or another. I would like to at least briefly comment today some of the ways that communication and its failures have impacted me over and over again today, with the note that names have been avoided to protect the innocent and the guilty.

After waking up this morning I had a fascinating daily meeting. Now, my daily zoom meetings are not usually gripping and exciting (which is why I seldom write about them), but this particular one was far more interesting than the usual, mainly because I had gotten an e-mail about one of the carriers I process commissions for which happens to be another part of the company relating to a program. A couple levels up from me someone happened to be wondering why it was that there was no specific statement for advances for me to process, and I was a bit confused because I only process the monthly statement as there are no commissions on the weekly statements for that carrier (which my company happens to own), and another one of my coworkers on the call mentioned that she thought that the company was only paid on an as-earned rather than advance basis, which was my understanding as well. The whole thing ended up taking up a good ten minutes, and then was resolved in about a minute when the executive hopped on the call and understood what we were doing and that it made sense to him. It was amusing to have it end so abruptly but also evidence of the way that it can be hard to interpret questions and communication sometimes.

While I was getting ready for work I had been reminded about an on-going discord chat that is going on in which I am a minor part as well. One of my fellow players in a game had found himself banned for doing a mass spam invite for Among Us and sought to open up an interview chat (in which I am invited because I am a mid-rank government official in our alliance in the game) where he sought to get himself back in the good graces of others. Many of us, myself included, decided to have some fun with him by pinging him repeatedly (more than 30 times before I commented on it), and it appears as if the player responsible has not learned anything by the experience of being banned and still continues to enjoy pinging others repeatedly. On the plus side, at least he does not seem to be offended when people ping him. Whatever lesson was trying to be communicated to him about avoiding mass pings in the future appears not to be being learned at present, and it is quite likely that more incidents of this nature are possible as well. Of course, we can always joke about such things, which makes it easier to handle.

There are also areas where communication could happen but doesn’t because one does not push for it. I read, for example, that there was a new requirement for people who go to work to wear facemasks at work unless they happen to have their own private office (presumably with its own air vents and the like). As someone who works in a nearly empty cube farm, but not entirely empty cube farm, I have not been particularly quick in wearing masks when I don’t have to, nor have I been quick to ask about whether this is required. After all, if the policy of wearing masks everywhere but our desks needs to be removed, I don’t want to be the person who communicates that to others, although admittedly that could very well happen even by voicing such a concern here and now. Sometimes our compulsion to communicate gets the best of us, after all.

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