Parents, Don’t Let Your Children Grow Up To Be Protesters

In 1978, Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson had a humorous but also insightful song urging parents not to let their sons grow up to be cowboys, because they would be raised to be remote and far from society and just ride away if they didn’t die young, and even if they found someone they loved they would end up never staying at home and always being alone because of the solitude that speaks to the soul of a cowboy out on the open range far from other people.  The solitary pride of the cowboy is something that I have had the chance to see in at least a few people I have known, and it can certainly create a burden when it comes to relating to other people.  Admittedly, I do not know that cowboys are extremely common in the contemporary world, but they do continue to exert an influence when it comes to country music and rodeo culture and so one can gather that there are still cowboys and that cowboys still appeal to a certain segment of the population, especially in rural life, and that knowing the antisocial tendencies that can result from that kind of culture, we can caution against young people identifying too much with cowboys, lest they become impossible to socialize within the larger society that exists.

Urban parents need a similar warning not to let their children grow up to be protesters.  Perhaps one may find voices as sympathetic as Waylon & Willie who have some understanding of what they speak of in cautioning others to avoid the sort of antisocial tendencies that are more characteristic of urban cultures rather than rural ones.  If the pride of the cowboy tends to lead to a distancing between oneself and others in a silent mutual misunderstanding, the pride of the antifa protester leads to a high degree of violent hostility to anyone whose political worldview is to the right of Marx and to a persistent refusal to recognize the legitimacy of the coercive power of the state.  And it is clear that parents do need this warning, as we have seen recently the phenomenon of parents seeking to shield their urban terrorist children from the natural consequences of adopting foolish and wicked political worldviews that lead them to be hostile to a just social order and to contempt, violence, and disrespect for those who wish to defend such an order.  It would be wiser for parents to let their children deal with the consequences of their folly and to learn how to restrain themselves from such evil and folly in the future rather than to enable them to continue such folly by fighting against those consequences and seeking to protect their children from reality.

One of the reasons why one should not let one’s children grow up to be protesters is because in the contemporary period a great many people simply do not know the difference between peaceful protest and riotous urban terrorism.  There are lines that must be respected in one’s protesting in order to keep it peaceful–no violence against police, counter-protesters, or peaceful civilians, and no destruction of property.  It seems as if our contemporary leftist anarchists cannot respect the rights of either people or property, and so they do not realize that their conduct does not amount to peaceful protesting but is rather an attempt to violently coerce others through destructive behavior.  The best thing for such people is for them to pay the penalty of their deeds through being arrested by men in unmarked vans and have some time to reflect about their folly in long prison sentences for their urban terrorism, or for them to be scared straight through being tear-gassed or clubbed like a baby seal for their violence.  It is only a foolish parent that seeks to protect foolish adult children from the inevitable consequences of their folly.  Had these parents properly disciplined their children, it is possible that such folly may have been separated from them due to the rod, as a certain degree of folly is inherent in youth.

And yet the folly of helicopter parenting and seeking to protect children from the natural consequences of their behavior can continue for a very long time.  It is easy to be flattered and charmed by the insolence of a little brat, but at the same time the wise and shrewd person recognizes that such people will be bigger someday.  When the teenage years beckon, experiments with drugs and alcohol and sexuality frequently lead to problems.  To what extent do parents, who may not have done a good job at disciplining children earlier, allow children to pay the natural price of folly so as to avoid committing greater mistakes later on?  After all, the people involved in these riots are adults, likely in their twenties (and hopefully not older still).  They have had years of chances to suffer at least a little bit for the stupidity of the indoctrination they received from leftist cultural forces through the struggles to find jobs given their low levels of impulse control, lack of acquisition of self-discipline and useful skills, and having sought degrees in useless areas of study that actively make them dumber through the ideological indoctrination involved in such areas of study.  And yet they have not learned, even when faced with rubber bullets and tear gas and the threat of arrest for federal crimes.  How is it that parents, teachers, and state and local politicians have sought to collude to protect foolish rebels from the consequences of their rebellion?  Do they not realize that when one coddles rebels for too long that other people will eventually have to imprison or kill them?

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