Book Review: What Price Federal Reserve System?

What Price Federal Reserve System?, as told by N.W. Rogers

This book is an example of the wrong way to criticize the Federal Reserve system.  Coming in at only a few pages and written in somewhat odd and not entirely grammatically correct English, this book is more of a pamphlet that is seeking to stoke the fires of anti-Semitism against the United States.  Given that the New Deal is the sort of nationalist and socialist policy that the Nazis themselves engaged in in their attempts to recover from the Great Depression, it appears that this was written during World War II as an attempt to motivate the anti-Semitism within the United States to be hostile to the Federal Reserve, the New Deal, and the Jews in general.  It appears to have been a dramatically unsuccessful example of World War II propaganda, not least because whatever impact it might wish to have through criticizing the New Deal is undercut by the appeal to the flagrantly fallacious Protocols of Zion and the misguided belief that the New Deal itself was an aspect of a Talmudic plan for global control.  You don’t have to like or approve of the Federal Reserve to realize that this is very bad form.

This work is a cautionary reminder that while there are certainly legitimate reasons to oppose the banking and financial cabals of the world that there are certainly illegitimate reasons to attack it.  We ought to examine our motives and see what it is about such matters that bothers us.  Are we most concerned about the way that those with a large amount of money and power pervert local, state, national, and global institutions to serve their own interests rather than the interests of less wealthy and powerful citizens?  Are we most concerned about the secrecy and lack of ethics that involves the business practices of elites?  Or are we most concerned about the identity of some of the people involved in such shenanigans?  It is in examining ourselves that we can come to an understand of the sometimes complex mix of motives that leads us to take the political positions that we have, because there can be a strong degree of anti-Semitism in our behavior towards bankers that is poisoned at times by our own experiences as debtors, and that is something that we have to take into account when it comes to being just to others and insightful about ourselves.

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