Book Review: Bathroom Ideas You Can Use

Bathroom Ideas You Can Use:  The Latest Designs, Styles, Fixtures, Surfaces And Remodeling Tips, by Chris Peterson

This book lives up to its name as being full of bathroom ideas that someone can use, especially someone who is looking to freshen up or remodel their bathroom.  If someone like me, no particular expert when it comes to the sort of work that is involved in home construction or remodeling can find a great deal of use and design inspiration in a book like this, then certainly others who are more competent in such areas will find much to appreciate here.  The author has apparently written a whole suite of books that relates to DIY and home contracting and even building one’s own homestead with a high degree of self-reliance and independence, and based on the quality of this book there are likely more of his books in my reading future if I can find them.  At any rate, this book did a great job at showing some of the sort of design and design principles can elevate a restroom from plain and drab to something very remarkable that one would enjoy showing off and spending a great deal of time in, something I am no stranger as the statue of the reader on the toilet will attest to.

This book is as little less than 200 pages long and it is divided into several sections.  The author begins by discussing bathrooms by sizes, looking at powder rooms and half baths, detatched and guest bathrooms, and large and master baths respectively.  After this there is a discussion of various scintillating surfaces, walls, tiles, floors, and vanity counters.  The author spends some time looking at vanities and cabinets and shelves as ways of increasing storage before including a variety of beautiful and stylish standing, alcove, corner, drop-in, and walk-in bathtubs as well as luxury shower enclosures.  There is a chapter on fashionable toilets and bidets, sink colors, drop-in sinks, undermount sinks, wall-mount sinks, and pedestal and vessel sinks.  A short chapter discusses faucets, showerheads, and tub faucets with high design values.  There are some ideas to keep a bathroom well-lit through vanity lights and general fixtures and then the author closes the book with a lengthy set of bathroom extras, including universal design, makeup areas, saunas, shower accessories, skylights & windows, towel warmers, mirror style, and accents, after which the book closes with resources and photo credits.

Having read a variety of books about bathroom remodeling and construction, what makes this book a joy to read in that crowded field is the way that this book shows such gorgeous things that one can put in a bathroom.  In reading this book, I was struck by just how much I care about good design principles in a bathroom, in the enjoyment of a skylight that allows a room to be filled with natural light (as much natural light as one can get in Oregon at any rate), in the way that it feels good to have good equipment that is environmentally sound as well as attractive, like the square rain shower heads that are simply amazing to use.  This is an author that has clearly done a lot of work in bathrooms and believes not only that it is worthwhile to do such work of remodeling restrooms for the personal enjoyment of homeowners and family and guests, but also that it is worth doing so with a sense of style and flair, with an attention to materials and colors and fixture and plumbing design.  And looking at this book, I have to say that I agree with the author that bathrooms ought to be viewed with a sense of design, even if that means having an odd but delightful waterfall faucet for one’s bathroom sink.

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