Single Review: Everybody Jam! (EP)

Everybody Jam!, by Scatman Jack

I really have to thank Todd In The Shadows for introducing me to this artist.  I had never heard of Scatman Jack before watching one of his one-hit wonder retrospectives, and in the course of that video I heard this song and decided to investigate it a bit further.  This happens to be my favorite song from the late jazz-dance pop singer, although I definitely want to become more familiar with his body of work.  This song wasn’t a hit song anywhere except Japan, I think, but it certainly is a worthy song that deserves to be well-remembered.  Here is a track-by-track review:

Single Jam:  Coming in at three and a half minutes, this song is by far the best on the single EP.  Pairing Scatman John’s lyrics with Louis Armstrong’s inspired ad libs and trumpet playing, this is the sort of song that Popeye’s should turn into an advertising campaign.  This needs to happen!

Rhythm Masters “Horn Mix:”  This song clocks in at 8 minutes, and it is pretty tedious and repetitive, unfortunately.

Vission & Lorimer Funk-A-Holic:  At almost six and a half minutes, this version is definitely funky, but it’s also pretty dull.  It’s the sort of thing one would hear in a club but I’m not someone who goes to clubs.

Vission & Lorimer Express:  This is a slightly better mix than the last two, but largely because it’s slightly shorter at a bit more than 6 minutes.

Club Jam:  At 5:40, this is a longer song than the single mix but it’s almost as good as the single mix in that it has all of the good Scatman John parts, a solid danceable beat, and it is only missing the Satchmo horns.  To be sure, it is definitely a second-place track on this single, but it is worlds ahead of the previous three songs and one I would genuinely enjoy hearing multiple times.

Overall, this single is valuable for its first and last songs, as the rest are pretty worthless.  That said, “Everybody Jam!” is a good song and so one can’t view it as too bad of a thing that three of the tracks are basically filler.  There are far worse things to be than filler of a fantastic Scatman John single, after all.

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