Book Review: The World Needs More Love Letters

The World Needs More Love Letters All-In-One Stationery And Envelopes, by Hanna Brencher

[Note: This book was provided free of charge by Blogging For Books/Potter Style in exchange for an honest review.]

I wholeheartedly agree with the author/creator of this book that the world needs more love letters. I certainly have not had my own love letters work out very well, to put it mildly, and at this time I do not have anyone to send love letters to, but all the same, this book has a worthy aim in seeking to provide encouragement for people to write more love letters and lovely looking stationary that also serves as an envelope to remove any excuse as far as the writing of lovely letters is concerned. This is an immensely practical book, and well-designed, with different designs for the stationary and envelopes depending on exactly the nature of the recipient and the taste of the sender. Suffice it to say that there should be some design at least that is pleasing to both, assuming any letter would be pleasing.

The entire text of this book consists partly the back cover material, which discusses how to fold the stationary into an envelope and provides an introduction to the varied interests of the book’s creator, including her work for the United States Postal Service, which would imply that these letters pass muster as mail. The rest of the book’s text is one page containing 21 suggested letters, most of them related to romance, which is definitely an area in which my letters are probably not desired at this particular time. Yet it is not only romantic love that this book speaks of, but an appreciation for parents and teachers as well as thank you letters to friends and words of advice for friendly strangers. These types of “love” are at least reasonable for the sorts of letters I am able to write at present and for the foreseeable future.

There is one quibble about the stationary aspect of this book. The space allotted to text and the spacing of the lines is such that a short paragraph or a brief list is about all that could be written on the paper. No writer of a somewhat lengthy epistle of love would be able to fit even a quarter of his (or her) intended length on the paper provided here. No, this book is not for a lengthy love letter, unless it is divided into several parts, but rather is designed for brief notes. Perhaps the author does not expect people to write lengthy love letters, or perhaps the stationary was designed to fit at the maximum weight (1 oz.) for one stamp. At any rate, the creator of the book seems to think the world needs a lot of short love letters. Perhaps it is easier to avoid getting oneself into trouble if one does not say very much, but for some of us, that is an impossible task.

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