Rest In Peace, David Ekama

Occasionally it falls to my lot to write about the death of people I know [1], and today I was informed about the sudden death of an acquaintance of mine from my days spent in Western Pennsylvania. I must admit that I did not know the young man who died, David Ekama, very well. He was a good deal younger and we did not hang out in the same circles, but to the extent that I knew him in the context of his family he was a very friendly fellow, very kind-hearted and friendly and easy to be around, and he was spoken of universally as being generous to all within his area of influence. I do not know how he died, but I do know that this young man rests in peace, and I hope that his friends and family may find peace as well. I know all too well that the death of family members and loved ones can be hard to get over, especially when there feels like so much unfinished business. Let us hope that everyone is able to find peace and remember the generosity of character of a young man whose life has been cut off all too soon, and cherish the memories of times spent and moments enjoyed in friendship.

[1] See, for example:

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