In My Tribe

So, today was quite a busy day, and a day that tended to fit around two contexts that are frequent in my life. In the morning, I got ready while one of my roommates was watching Master & Commander so that I could get ready for my ensemble group practice, which was at some distance from my home. I picked up one of the singers in one of the several ensembles I am in (perhaps too many) and was able to talk to him about some musical issues that I felt needed to be addressed, even if they were of a potentially awkward nature. He was pretty gracious about agreeing to make sure that the issues were addressed before the Feast. Despite having to drive a bit out of the way and then return to the site for our practice, I still managed to be early, which generally pleases me. Since there were some people who were not as early, I practiced my solo first, and got it basically ready to schedule so that I can somewhat shrink the amount of music that I am working on.

Shortly, the rest of our group arrived to practice “You Are Mine,” which we are hoping to get ready for the Feast. This piece received a lot of practice, and by the time we finished up with that song we were working on polishing up dynamics, so I feel pretty confident about that song as well. We even had the time to work on some of the Feast numbers for two of our people who were not as familiar with the songs and then did parts for another song, but the little girls who were still there were quite tired, exhausted even, and because we were loud and the kids were unable to keep their eyes closed with all of the sound of talking and singing going on, we called it a day after about two and a half hours or so of practice, which was pretty successful, I would think. Of course, there was much to do afterward, so I chatted with the person I dropped off at home and then went out to run my other errands.

One of the errands I had to run was in support of a local independent bookstore in St. John’s. I had been informed a few days ago about some of their financial troubles and their need for bookbuyers to help them out, and being a prolific reader, I figured I would help out, as I consider myself a member of a community of readers in the Portland area and like to support independent options [1]. Although they did not have the series fiction I was looking for, they did have some books that I found interesting, so I picked up the following books that I may read and review at some point:

Ripples Of Battle, by Victor Davis Hanson
Four Queens, by Nancy Goldstone
A Medieval Family, by Francis and Joseph Gies
The Intimate Lives of the Founding Fathers, by Thomas Fleming
The War of the Two Emeprors, by Curtis Cate

The bookstore was mildly amusing. Ahead of me in line there was a mother and daughter who were getting some books. The daughter seemed particularly interested in reading a new Tamara Pierce album and the mother said that the book would never get to her and that the daughter would be useless as far as productive tasks because she was such a reader. The daughter seemed unusually proud of herself for being a bibliophile, which is a good thing, but I thought it was a bit unkind for a mother to make fun of a young lady (she was a young teenager, or perhaps even a somewhat tall preteen–she was about my height but seemed somewhat young) for being a reader. There are far worse habits for people to have, but seeing as these people were strangers, I did not wish to insert myself into the situation, even if it was rather a shame, I felt, to hear a mother make fun of her daughter for a good habit. Of course, after I finished my purchase I went off to find a quiet place to read for myself. In my tribe, we spend a lot of time dealing with books and music, and with the people we meet as a result of those two things, and all that entails.

[1] See, for example:

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