Shine Sweet Freedom

Today I completed a course on the music of the Beatles, and one of the songs that we covered today in the class was “Here Comes The Sun,” a song that I have written about obliquely before [1]. The song happened to be played on the radio today while I was driving around doing my weekly afternoon errands, which is not too surprising either, given that this is a song that would be entirely appropriate for an area with as cloudy a climate as Portland has. Given that today ranged from overcast to outright rainy, it was an ironic choice of a song for the day, to be certain. Given that I have a taste for irony, this was not particularly upsetting to me either.

This evening, I happened to go to the birthday party of a friend. While I must say that I do not know this friend particularly well, nor for a very long time, I did have the opportunity to get to talk to him for a couple of hours when I drove him home from last year’s Men’s Weekend [2], and as someone who tends to be friendly to outsiders, I appreciated being the only person (aside from his mother) from our local congregation to attend his party. I was surprised, and pleased, to see the support and encouragement from most of his family. It did strike me as somewhat odd that his father felt it necessary to warn me not to let his son drive my car, which is a no-brainer given that he cannot drive for another six years, at least, and that he is facing more legal trouble for driving without a license that could lead him to spend his next two birthdays, at least, in jail.

Given such legal troubles, I was pleased to see the atmosphere being friendly and sociable. I was surprised that my friend had such a large family, most of it far older than he is, although he had a grand-nephew who was an adorable and very well-behaved five-month old who had a taste for bling, a tendency to enjoy catnaps, as well as a love of cuddling with his relatives. Most of the people there, including the birthday boy himself, were quite surprised to see the way I was able to polish off my dinner rapidly and completely, as I suppose I must not look like I have that large of an appetite to others. As an observer of conversation and fun I was impressed by the way that he was able to get a couple of dozen people to fill up a couple of tables and a booth for an enjoyable dinner and celebration.

I do not know how I would feel if I had a birthday under the shadow of legal action, especially one where I knew myself to be in the wrong and with the likelihood of significant jail time. I know that those few times of my life [3] where I have had cause for concern regarding the police have caused me a great deal of anxiety. Perhaps he feels the same anxiety, given that he has experience with the criminal justice system (which I do not, thankfully), given that he has shown a bit of anger about the plea bargain given to him by our county’s public prosecutor for driving without a license. I suppose one ought to appreciate one’s days of freedom, like a rare bit of sunshine, regardless of what is going on in life, though. Let us enjoy the days that we have, so far.



[3] See, for example:

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