Even If It Was A Mistake: A Review Of The Music Of 2013

It is not common for me to review the music of a year as a whole, at least not in recent years. 2013 was not a usual year, and in fact it was a year in which popular music played a role of considerable importance, given that there were many songs released that corresponded to my own situations and anxieties. It appeared to me that this year my own life seemed to mirror the larger concerns of my society, which was a subject of considerable alarm to me, with artists as diverse as Lorde and Bruce Springsteen (and even as far apart as Robin Thick and Paul McCartney) providing songs that demonstrated the year in music.

An examination of the posts whose titles were inspired by music released this year is a good way to look at the direct influence of music on this particular blog, and which also shows the broad nature of bands whose music was a direct part of my writing this year:

Rihanna – Stay [1]
Mumford & Sons – Lover Of The Light [2]
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Thrift Shop [3]
fun. – Some Nights [4] [5]
Anna Kendrick – Cups (Pitch Perfect) [6]
Imagine Dragons – It’s Time [7]
Fallout Boy – My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark [8]
Metric – Youth Without Youth [9]
Imagine Dragons – Demons [10]
MGMT – Your Life Is A Lie [11]
Robin Thicke f/Pharrell Williams – Blurred Lines [12]
Of Monsters And Men – King And Lionheart [13]
Lorde – Team [14]
Pearl Jam – Sirens [15]
Tired Pony – All Things All At Once [16]
Bastille – Pompei [17]
Phoenix – Trying To Be Cool [18]
Alpha Rev – Sing Loud [19] [20]
Vampire Weekend – Unbelievers [21]
Bastille – Flaws [22]
Imagine Dragons – Underdog [23]
The Head And The Heart – Shake [24]

Nor does this list exhaust the songs that were immensely deep and influential on my own thinking this year, which include songs like “Let Her Go” by Passenger, “High Hopes,” by Bruce Springsteen, “New,” by Paul McCartney, “Hurricane,” by Ms Mister, “Atlas” by Coldplay and many other songs. While in many years it is a straightforward matter to think of my favorite song of the year, this year was not so cut and dry. In many ways, this year was such a complicated one that it will probably require some time to figure out where exactly this year fits in with my life in general, and how to think of the year that was in light of the year that may be. And once I figure out what kind of year this is, it will be difficult to determine what songs will resonate the most with that judgment.

In the meantime, though, it is pretty clear that the band Imagine Dragons wins the award for band of the year in terms of their influence on my blog titles, and that Alpha Rev’s “Sing Loud” was the most influential song itself in terms of blog titles as well as overall meaning of the mood of the song, where there were difficulties and stresses, but honest openness nonetheless, and as this song gives a greater sense of optimism than most of the melancholy reflections of the year, along with a loyalty that is praiseworthy, let us think of that song [24] as being reflective of the persistence among difficulties and struggles that marked this year. 2013 was not a very fun year, but if I am a better man because of it, then it will be worthwhile, and the music will mean something more than anxiety and concern.

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