A Clock Is Ticking

Today I had intended on having a peaceful and relaxing afternoon until a party this evening, but I suppose I’m not someone who can really stay at rest very easily. After a successful choir performance I tried to schedule a serious discussion about an ongoing problem with my pastor as the clock was ticking for another practice for another choir I am in. I was pleased to see someone where who (like me) enjoys to sing but who had not been in the previous practices for personal reasons without there being any sort of communication about it. At any rate, I was glad to see at least some reduction in that fear for the sake of the other person, lest I have more injustice charged to my account.

As I have commented on elsewhere [1], the sermon messages this feast so far have been directed on a remarkably compact set of very intriguing and serious concerns of a highly practical nature. Some of my own friends have speculated that this is due to a concern about there being only limited amounts of time left for our freedom and relative prosperity. I must say that while I have a great deal of concern about the state of the world (it would be very difficult to avoid that state of concern, and being an anxious person by nature I am not immune to the tenor of my times). There are a wide variety of reasons for this, but given the state of my own life, I appreciate the practical approach, in the hope that it will be of use in my life and the life of others around me.

Today, instead of resting as I had originally planned to do, I ended up going to Sisters with some friends of mine. Sisters is a nearby sort of small town much like some of the other towns I have enjoyed in Oregon with a bit of art and food and an old timey feel. After eating at a deli that had tasty food but rather poor service, we went to a couple of shops before I had to return in order to attend the house party of some friends, which was quite nice. Most of the people at the party were ones that I knew well, but there were some people I did not know well or at all, and it was fun to eat with them, to talk with them, and to play some games with them. Even getting a little lost on the way home in the rain wasn’t too bad, as I managed to find my way out.

One of the stores we visited in Sisters was a clockmaker. One of my friends has a particularly strong interest in clocks, something that I enjoy myself, albeit not to a huge degree. One thing that I found to be of particular interest was a six-figure clock that had a major historical interest. It was a clock with a lot of pictures of a member of the British royal family named Princess Victoria (daughter of Queen Victoria) who married into the Prussian royal family. The heir to the Prussian throne had become infatuated with Princess Victoria when she was quite young, and her mother made her wait until she was old enough (which happened to be 17) at which point they had a loving marriage, although the crown prince only reigned for 99 days before dying of throat cancer. Of course, the clock could have used a bit of polishing, but as it costs more than $100,000 to buy it from the store, presumably anyone who bought it would be a bit leery about tampering with it.

Why did I desire to rest today in the first place? I have been rather busy most of my time thus far, whether it has been singing, thinking about the drama and stress of my life, or engaged in some kind of logistics planning or other events (like the sports yesterday or the seminar on abuse earlier during the Feast, or various parties). As much as I find it baffling that I am as old as I am without having achieved my most basic goals and ambitions in the course of my life, I have to concede at times that I am not a kid and that I need more rest and relaxation than I sometimes get, even if I do have a fair amount of energy when it comes to fulfilling my responsibilities in life. As much as I hate to admit it, a clock is ticking in my life. More honestly, a lot of clocks are ticking.

[1] See, for example:



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