A Message In A Song

I am often looking for messages in a song, something which I blog about often, given that I tend to use my interest in music as a source of deeper insights. Today something happened that I found deeply moving and comforting, as a friend of mine had an impromptou quartet sing a song that I found deeply moving in a context that both he and I (but not the other people around) were aware about. Since I don’t have much time to talk about this, I cannot provide all of the detail that might normally be expected, but I wanted to at least provide some public appreciation for the deed.

When I first came to Portland, this particular person quickly invited me to join a musical group which I enjoyed (but which, unfortunately, I am no longer allowed to sing in), and in light of what has gone in the past week, I had been particularly worried and anxious if I would have been seen as being somewhat treacherous by not providing personal information that could have presented me in a bad light and that has been very awkward to deal with. Then again, I am a fairly anxious person under good circumstances, and extremely so under bad circumstances. At any rate, this person (who has heard a lot of personal detail about my life recently) had invited me to sing along with a barbershop group in one of Portland’s suburbs, and I went, where I took the opportunity to finish a book (book review forthcoming, probably tomorrow, when I have more time to write, God willing), and I was a bit unsure of whether to accept the invitation, even though I definitely have needed the distraction.

So, tonight, I was asked a series of questions that appeared to have the aim of making me feel more relaxed and comfortable and less anxious about what has been going on and its possible repercussions. However, what I found most moving was during the break time of the rehearsal/”mini-retreat” when he got three other people together to sing an impromptou performance of “It Is Well With My Soul” in four-part harmony. I was very touched with the sentiment of the song, both with the intent to provide subtle encouragement as well as with the thoughtfulness of providing the gesture in an indirect way that communicated a point to me without provoking undue curiosity from others. I was appreciative of the sensitive gesture, and it was something I could certainly use. While I would appreciate such pleasant and indirect communications from a few other people, it is appreciative to get such messages as I can.

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2 Responses to A Message In A Song

  1. I’m so very sorry for the ripple effect that your troubles have caused. This person is a true friend–one that “sticketh closer than a brother.” Christ has quite a bit to say about relationships like this, and all will turn out well externally–for it is indeed well with your soul. “Love mercy, do justice, and walk humbly with your God” and all will be well on every level. Have a wonderful Sabbath! 🙂

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