A Letter From America

When I stirred myself to watch the Scottish BBC documentary on Gerry Rafferty online (in four excellent parts–I wish it had been longer), I found out that he had produced an excellent version of the Proclaimer’s tune “Letter From America,” their first big hit in England (and a really patriotic Scottish track). Having a fair amount of Scottish and Scot-Irish blood in me, I tend to be very fiercely patriotic to Scotland and greatly desirous that it should receive its freedom rather than remain subordinated forever to England. We shall see what happens with their vote on independence within a couple of years if most of Scotland’s people agree on independence; it probably depends a great deal on the wording.

That said, as often happens there is a double meaning concerning my thoughts about that song. As it happens, I am waiting for a letter from America. Actually, two of them. I have found that while mail sent from Thailand to the United States seems to arrive relatively quickly (about two weeks), mail from the United States to Thailand is much less regular, and I find that worrisome. Among the two pieces of mail that I am particularly impatient for are my W-2s from this past year so that I can do my taxes. The other is a letter from a penpal, and I am always impatient for that.

Suffice it to say that logistics is one of the things that has been the bane of my existence. I’m just not an extremely skilled person at acquiring resources, nor have I had the fortune to inherit a lot of them. It strikes me that a great deal of problems relate to logistics. Making sure one has sufficient time or money are all important logistical questions, and sometimes they can prove to be very difficult ones.

For example, this week I have spent a great deal of time dealing with graduation, and the fact that the whole nature of plans has not been revealed except in little dribs and drabs. I plan on working on a longish bit of communications to help with that, but it does not play to my strong suit to have to worry about logistics all the time. I’d prefer doing long term planning, as I have to do regarding the Spring Feasts here, and that will be a more pleasant task for this evening.

But anyway, duty calls, so as long as the mail is lagging, I will not be able to either keep up my correspondence by slow letters or do my taxes for the moment. I just hope the moment for both comes very soon, because I am impatient, and time is precious and limited. Such is the life, though. So, I suppose I’ll do my best to update you guys if I get either (or hopefully both) of those letters from America. Until then, I’ll leave you with the Proclaimers’ song stuck in your head.

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I'm a person with diverse interests who loves to read. If you want to know something about me, just ask.
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