Nothing But Trouble

From a utilitarian perspective, Im Mee (which means she-bear in Thai), is a pretty useless animal. This talking dog, which was obtained by our driver from the seven rai (about three acre) property that Legacy acquired earlier this year, loves to laze about during the day, is a complete failure at chasing, much less catching, the feral cats that are around, and appears to enjoy digging up the stones that our new teacher Abigail has been putting for a garden next to the teacher’s house. In addition, Im Mee has some bad habits like trying to interfere with class in the computer room as well as yowling and rustling leaves during the night. She seems nocturnal, almost, and that is a bit of a hassle.

There is one skill that Im Mee possesses, and it is one that can be cute at times but is also very irritating at other times. Whenever you go to her, she will lay down on her back and put her paws up near her face. She apparently is good at being submissive, but it is at times a supremely irritating thing, when the pose is done in absence of any kind of obedience. Though ritual submission seems to be a popular thing here in Thailand, being a Westerner it rather irks me when it is done by something that enjoys eating food and causing trouble and which does not really do anything useful.

Yesterday evening, of course, Im Mee tried to follow me home, and followed me all the way to the gate of the clinic before yowling something that seemed like goodnight. Every time I would turn around to look at her along the way she would get down in her ritual prostration pose, and then she nearly got herself hit by a car to boot. Needless to say, for a variety of reasons, we hope that Im Mee gets moved to a better place. It’s rough to see her eat food without hunting, disrupt work we are trying to do around the school grounds, and provide nothing cuter than a puppy dog face and some lying on the floor. It would be nice if we could find a cute and practical dog who might lay down the law against the feral cats around. We can dream, though.

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