One of the more unpleasant feelings that often comes along with travel for me is nausea. I’m not sure entirely why, but certain types of travel experiences tend to leave me feeling very queasy. It’s not motion sickness, at least not entirely, because I love roller coasters (as long as I’m not riding in the back). And yet whether it is cars, buses, or boats, certain travel experiences tend to make me feel very ill.

As a child, my grandparents used to drive a white Ford Taurus (that later became, for a little while, the car of my mother and stepfather). For whatever reason, traveling long trips in that car when I was a kid tended to make me ill more so than other cars I would travel in. I thought it was because of the air, but whatever it was, that car tended to make me nauseous, even to the point of throwing up, fairly often. To be honest that sensation has been very rare in cars for me other than that one, for whatever reason.

I thought I managed alright in boats, except for one time where I was with a group of people in a boat taxi off the coast of Cozumel in choppy seas, and got rather green around the gills. Looking at the pattern, one had poor ventilation combined with choppy and sudden movements, which leads to nausea. Given my own life history, none of that is very surprising at all. It would appear that for me dealing well with motion requires good air to breathe.

It is therefore unsurprising that both bus trips this weekend left me feeling a little queasy and nauseous. The bus ride was in an enclosed, not well ventilated bus, going over hills and around curves and bumping around a lot as well. It’s a recipe for motion sickness, not only for me but for Austin, who was quite bothered by it as well. Turbulence on a plane does the same thing—because one is breathing stale air and moving around a good bit. Sadly, such experiences make travel sometimes an upsetting experience, at least for my stomach. Maybe next time I’ll think of some dramamine ahead of time.

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