A Pox On Both Of Your Houses

It is frustrating for me when I hear those people who should be viewing politics from the perspective of God’s laws instead have a faulty dualistic view that comes straight from post-Enlightenment Europe and expresses the “Satan’s House Divided” view of politics rather than the politics of God. Let us understand from the start that I am not one of those Christians who considers politics improper to either study or practice for Christians. Indeed, our beliefs as Christians have political consequences, and I am the last person alive who would deny or minimize those political implications (as politics happens to be a subject I am passionately interested in). My dissatisfaction is not in politics itself, but in the fact that so many who ought to know better practice the satanic politics of ungodly heathen man rather than the politics of God as established in His law. It is that issue I wish to discuss today.

The present political scene in Europe, the United States, and indeed much of the world springs from a left-right split in politics that resulted from the aftermath of the so-called Enlightenment and its bastard child, the French Revolution. In the aftermath of the French Revolution, the Western world was harshly divided into two camps, camps that spread by the early 1800’s from Europe to the United States, Latin America, and the Middle East. On one side were traditionalists who called themselves “conservatives” (supporters of corrupt dynasties, corrupt Roman Catholic priests, and corrupt economic and political and military elites) and on the other side were so-called “liberals” who were violently hostile to Christianity of the biblical revealed variety and who after 1848 were increasingly fond of socialism, communism, and related ungodly worldviews. Our name of left-wing and right-wing politics springs from the French Congress of Deputies after the French revolution, when “liberals” sat to the left of the chair (usually held by some milquetoast moderate) and “conservatives” and reactionaries sat on the right. Those terms remain.

Let us understand fully, though, that neither of these two camps represents anything remotely approaching godly leadership or godly politics. The political worldview of one Gary North ought to demonstrate that even those who are at least in theory friendly to God’s law (pro-nomian) often let their political worldview get the better of their scriptural exegesis. Gary North, in a series of exegetial commentaries on the books of the Law, has posited a view of God’s law that is diabolical and wicked insofar as it relates to social justice. His view is that all law that protects property and defends the interests of the wealthy and the powerful remain in force, and that all laws that protect the interests of the poor (including the land Sabbath and land jubilee and gleaning laws and laws that require wages to be paid promptly or that forbid the charging of interest to poor Israelites) have been done away with by Christ. A more wicked and biased view of God’s law would be hard to find–but few are able to challenge his wickedness because to do so would require a more consistent biblical worldview than his own, which is generally not present in his politically liberal but biblically illiterate evangelical opposition.

Let us state clearly then that Gary North’s political worldview is satanic–a friend of mine who is a historian compares it (accurately) to the “Code of Omri,” a set of laws that were biased in favor of the wealthy and powerful of Israel (see, for example, the book of Amos, where righteous people were sold for pairs of shoes like poor people in Bangladesh today). We must also, though, in our recognition of the satanic nature of those who claim that God’s laws to protect the poor have been done away with (such poor as have always been among us, as Christ says), not support the other camp of satanically inspired politicians of the left-wing persuasion, who would do away with God’s laws about morality, or the limitations of the power and scope of civil government (at the expense of godly institutions such as church and family). We must avoid both ditches of the Satanic political worldview–whether anti-Enlightenment right-wingers who support warfare being made on the poor or powerless, whether they be immigrants or minorities or foreigners or working classes, or whether socialist left-wingers who support the theft of property and the expansion of a parasitic and satanic pharonic totalitarian state.

God’s way is neither a compromise between these two camps nor is it to be found either on one side or the other–both sides are being led by and inspired by Satan, who gives out a mixture of truth and error, so that mankind (and the demonic realm) will be divided against itself rather than united under God. The only way to be obedient to God is to understand and follow God’s law–all of it–and God’s law reveals the character of God and His standard for a righteous nation that wishes to be under God’s protection and care. If a nation wished to avoid God’s curses for disobedience (see Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28–it makes for grim reading), it is not enough for them to pick one of Satan’s two ditches and stick to it, but one must follow the path of God as set in His law.

Therefore, it is in the interest of all who would consider themselves to be followers of God to make themselves familiar with God’s law, and both its moral obligations on individual believers as well as its system of protection of the interests of all members of society–male and female, rich and poor, old and young, native-born citizens and foreigners (for there was one law for all that was not partial or biased in anyone’s favor, but fair and equitable and just for all). Until we accept that a godly society is going to be governed by the entirety of God’s law, instead of picking and choosing those laws that match our own political biases and relegating the rest to the dustbin, we will be kicking against the goads of God’s authority rather than truly obedient servants of His will. For we should not boast (for we would inevitably boast in vain) that God is on our side, but rather we should ask ourselves searchingly whether we are on God’s side–for unless we are, we have no part in His kingdom or His blessings. And this task of understanding, preaching, and applying these laws has barely even begun, a task I have sought to help in my own examinations of various laws (including the law of leprous houses, the law on the census tax, the law on the protection of fetuses, the laws against mediums, the laws about female prisoners of war, and so on). If we remain prisoners to the satanic system of politics, we will be disqualified from being godly rulers, because we will not be walking according to God’s law or able to instruct others in following that law. We cannot teach what we do not know, after all. Therefore, let us learn God’s ways and how to apply them first to ourselves, and then to whatever congregations and cities we may eventually be given authority of, while there is still time for us to do so.

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