Restaurant Review: The Greenhouse Restaurant And Bar

Knowing my mother’s fondness for salads, I found a restaurant that was only slightly spendy and that had some tasty options for both of us to enjoy, so we took the taxi down to a restaurant that was along the harbor, and found out what they had to offer. The Greenhouse Restaurant and Bar is a pleasant and large restaurant with a lot of seats and a friendly, easy-going vibe, with plenty of lights to provide a pleasant ambiance. The service was attentive and friendly and it appeared that there was a variety of locals as well as well as tourists visiting the place. As far as its location is concerned, there is a taxi stand right in front of the restaurant, which provides convenient access for returning home after one’s meal is done.

As far as our first meal there is concerned, my mother had the Jamaican Jerk Chicken salad, which offered a bed of greens along with other vegetables like cherry tomatoes, carrots, added mango for additional tropical flavor, and large amounts of spicy jerk chicken breast, all of which made for a meal-size salad for around $20. I had the coconut chicken which offered a savory chicken breast with a coconut cream sauce and some pineapples, along with a baked potato and side salad with balsamic vinaigrette. The bottle of water was a welcome addition to the meal but the strawberry smoothie was a bit spendy at nearly $10, which is definitely something to pay attention to if one is not eating during happy hour. The place offered a good enough eating experience to be worth eating there again with a relaxed setting for conversation and observation of the clientele and people driving and walking around the neighborhood.

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