Until The Dying Days

From time to time I like to clear out posts that have been in my drafts section for some time that have yet to be published, and this particular post was a poem I wrote in July 2013 and have yet to post until now.  Since this is not a particularly deep or complicated poem, being song lyrics, I will discuss the musical aspects of it as well as the context of the song as a whole and my writing of it and why it was not published when the poem was finished nearly five years ago, and will leave its meaning to the reader to decipher as it should not be difficult to understand relative to most of my other reading.

Until the seas run dry,
And all the roads run red,
Until there’s no more light,
And we all are dead.

Until the sky falls down,
And there is no more rain,
Until our minds are gone,
And we are no more sane.

Until the dawn has died,
And all this has gone away,
That’s how long love will last,
Until the dying days.

Until the mountains crack,
And mountains have given way,
Until the thunders crash,
And we can no longer stay.

Until the skies turn black,
And darkness is in our place,
Until we all are gone,
And no one is left to face.

Until the sun dies out,
And we cannot feel its rays.
That’s how long love will last,
Until the dying days.

There’s so much we have left behind us,
So much further we have to go.
There’s so much we can’t forget now,
So much more we still have to know.

There’s so much that love has brought us,
There’s so much we have yet to show.
There’s so much we have to learn now,
So much, but we’ll take it slow.

Until the stars fall down
And we are all in shame,
Until we are all gone,
And we are all to blame.

Until there’s no more hope
That we will rise again,
Until we have nothing left,
And nothing more still to gain.

Until our treasure dies,
Nothing left to assay,
That’s how long love will last,
Until the dying days.

That’s how long love will last,
Until the dying days.
That’s how long love will last,
Until the dying days.


As a song that deals with the lasting nature of love, it is unsurprising that the lyrics were written (along with a tune in my head for them) at a time when I was witness to an act of great love that ended somewhat sadly, prompting this poem’s long period of hibernation.  During the summer of 2013, I was rooming with a couple of friends, and one of them went a substantial distance to Florida to pick up his dying father and bring him to stay with us in Portland in a house we were renting at the time on the east side of town not too far away from Foster and I-205.  Unfortunately, the father was particularly ill and he died soon after coming to stay with us, and that fact gave a particularly depressing edge to this poem, so much so that to respect the privacy of my friends and their own suffering in the matter I decided not to release the poem.  I trust that enough time has passed that the poem, which has a decidedly more general application than to its inspiring situation alone, can be appreciated for its own modest accomplishments without the context getting in the way.

Strikingly, this poem is intended to have a bit of tension between the words and the tone of the melody.  The words, of course, reflect the sort of dark ending that would be required for love to fail, where there is literally nothing left, not even hope.  Yet the tune itself is sedate, if not exactly cheery.  The poem has a simple ABCB rhyme scheme in its constituent quatrains and has the following structure:  Verse (with refrain) – Verse (with refrain) – Bridge – Verse (with refrain) and then a short coda with the refrain repeated twice.  The combination of the music and lyrics is designed to impress upon the listener the confidence that things will never get as bad as they could be, and as the song is not about romantic love but rather about the more loyal and often more lasting love of close friends or beloved family members, the two of the four loves [1] known as storge and phileo.  Nonetheless, someone with more romantic experience than I have could certainly apply the language of this poem to that sort of love without doing any violence to its meaning, so long as the people involved were loyal to each other, something that cannot be taken for granted in our relationships.  Nonetheless, despite the fact that the rhyming scheme of this poem is rather rudimentary and the meaning of the poem is quite straightforward, it is my hope that this is the sort of work that others may enjoy and appreciate.

[1] See, for example:



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