I’ve Got A Funny Feeling That Facebook Doesn’t Like Me Anymore

Last night when I posted my blog entry, as is my fashion, on my Facebook page, I had to type in a code to show that I was not some sort of spammer. Likewise, at least one Facebook friend of mine has said that Facebook thought of my blog post as a potentially suspicious link (was it because I talked about marketing?). I’m not sure what makes Facebook decide not to like someone anymore. Perhaps a profile becomes a bit too lopsided with one sort of content and the proportion and balance are a bit off–if someone is only posting links and never anything else, I suppose that could be a bit of an issue. I don’t know if others complain at times about a given site (such as mine) and what happens in that regard.

At what point does a person learn to trust their intuition? As human beings the data and inferences we make are constantly being influenced by both our hopes and fears. Depending on the extent to which we are optimistic or pessimistic, and the extent to which we are influenced either positively or negatively by our experiences, we will tend to disregard the negative or the positive, depending on the situation. Sadly, I tend to find that often my concerns end up justified, even if I am often unsure of how to act on those concerns or how to ameliorate them in my own eyes and in the eyes of others. I find this this same sort of situation when I drive, as I have what football scouts would call fast-twitch mental muscles and slow-twitch physical muscles, meaning that while I mentally tend to be very alert and observant and sensitive to my environment that I physically have trouble acting on that knowledge in a timely and appropriate fashion, which is a bit frustrating. Naturally I tend to be a bit prone to freeze in such situations rather than act promptly on such sense data and intuitive feel as I recognize.

So, in lieu of writing a post about matters that people do not necessarily want to read, I would like to solicit comments from people who might know Facebook’s inner workings better than me. It is a difficult matter to understand what makes people tick, and computer programs have the advantage of being largely based on algorithms, and that means at least theoretically that they should act according to reason in some fashion and not merely according to whim or emotion, as human beings tend to be greatly influenced by. That means that they should respond particularly to a pattern, whether it is a pattern of words that are used, or a pattern of behavior that can be determined statistically, or by some sort of result that comes from a calculation that triggers a certain sort of risk factor. That which can be determined stastically can be understood and responded to accordingly, for one who has the right knowledge (sadly, I don’t). However, if anyone else has that knowledge and would like to share it, I would appreciate knowing how to get Facebook to no longer see me as threatening. It might be one small bit of improvement in such a matter of such delicacy and importance, and a good sign of things to come.

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3 Responses to I’ve Got A Funny Feeling That Facebook Doesn’t Like Me Anymore

  1. Odd, Facebook did this to this post as well.

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