A Review Of The 2019 YE Hot 100: Part One

Having several times looked at the YE charts [1], I thought it would be worthwhile to reflect upon the most popular music of 2019.  While 2019 was certainly a better year for music than 2016 or 2018, there was definitely a lack of songs at the very top of the rankings.  It was hard to figure out songs to view as either the best or worst, as I didn’t feel particularly passionate about either the top or bottom of the charts.  A lot of songs on here simply exist.  I have heard them, I acknowledge their existence, and I don’t really have strong feelings about them.  I don’t think this year’s music will really stand out in the future aside from a few songs for both good and bad, and nothing on this year end chart is something that I think I will go out of my way to listen to the way I have felt about favorite songs in years past that I still listen to today.  With that said, I will go backwards from 100 to 1 and give a score from 1 to 10 along with some thoughts if I have them about the songs on this year’s end chart for your amusement.

#100:  Robbery – Juice WRLD – 0/10 – This song is laughably bad, not only one of the worst songs of the year but one that I couldn’t take seriously in the slightest.  Every time I heard this song I couldn’t keep myself from laughing at the angsty high school lyrics or the ridiculous framing of the song.  I’m almost glad this song made the YE chart simply to mock it.

#99:  Walk Me Home – P!nk – 9/10 – This song was one of the best songs of the year for me, a passionate reflection of someone with too many thoughts in one’s mind and the longing not to be alone, things I can defintely relate with.  This was probably my favorite hit song of the year, actually.

#98:  Boyfriend – Ariana Grande & Social House – 6/10 – This song is pleasant radio filler in a year where Ariana Grande released a lot of filler.  I don’t really have any strong feelings about it, but it exists and is at least decent.

#97:  All To Myself – Dan + Shay – 6/10 – The first of three songs on this YE chart by this country duo, it was a modest hit and I enjoy it modestly.  It’s not a song that I really like but it’s one I can listen to without being irritated.

#96:  Eyes On You – Chase Rice – 3/10 – This song could have been much better, and is really dragged down by the framing, where the singer/songwriter portrays himself as a lunkhead who only has leering eyes for his girl and has completely missed the enjoyment of the places where they go.

#95:  Beautiful – Bazzi f/Camila Cabello – 7/10 – I enjoyed this particular song and was glad that it gave Bazzi a second hit, if a minor one.  My feelings about this song aren’t particularly profound but it was a pleasant tune.

#94:  Talk You Out Of It – Florida Georgia Line – 5/10 – This song exists, and is actually the lowest charting song to ever make a YE Billboard List (it peaked at #57).  I’m not the biggest fan of the band as a whole but this song is average enough.

#93:  Hot Girl Summer – Megan Thee Stallion, Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign – 5/10 – It exists, and it isn’t as loathsome a song as it could have been.  About the most noteworthy part of this song is that it didn’t peak until fall and fell of the charts far faster than expected because of the delay to get a Nicki Minaj feature, so that it missed capitalizing on, you know, being a summer song.

#92:  Shotta Flow – NLE Choppa – 4/10 – It exists?  I mean, this is the sort of song that I don’t find myself enjoying at all but I wasn’t upset by it either, so there’s that.

#91:  Tequila – Dan + Shay – 6/10 – This song was a holdover from last year’s charts and managed to have enough longevity to make the YE for 2019 as well.  It’s a moody breakup song but by no means a bad one.  By the way, moody breakup songs are going to be a theme here, so be prepared.

#90:  Cash S*** – Megan Thee Stallion f/DaBaby – 5/10 – DaBaby was a thing this year, and this song and Hot Girl Summer kept Megan Thee Stallion from being a one-hit wonder.  This song exists, and while I’m not very fond of it myself I can understand the appeal of seeing a woman flex about her wealth and so on and so forth.

#89:  One Thing Right – Marshmello & Kane Brown – 6/10 – I like this song more than most people do, thanks to the fact that I can get Kane Brown’s delivery, but this song was really hampered by the production.  Marshmello does not do a good job here, it must be admitted.

#88:  Love Lies – Khalid & Normani – 7/10 – This song was another holdover from last year’s YE chart and it was pleasant enough.  I still enjoy this song moderately even if I don’t seek it out, and Khalid & Normani have a low-key energy, even if Khalid has a lot of low-key in his musical approach.  This won’t be the last time I talk about it either.

#87:  Clout – Offset f/Cardi B – 7/10 – I enjoyed this song at least somewhat, and thought that it expressed a good reason for the existence of the marriage between the two of them, namely that both of them will do anything for the clout, and that they see being together as helping out each other’s clout.  There are worse reasons for being with someone, it must be admitted.

#85:  Good As You – Kane Brown – 6/10 – This song doesn’t leave a strong impression with me, but Kane Brown’s singing is certainly pleasant and the sentiment isn’t a bad one.

#85:  Look What God Gave Her – Thomas Rhett – 4/10 – I mean, I’m not as bothered by this song as some people are going to be, but it’s not a really great sentiment to use tropes from early 2000’s rap to brag about how hot a girl is.  One needs a bit more.

#84:  Baby – Lil Baby & DaBaby – 6/10 – This song is probably the most inevitable song in existence, where two rappers with baby in their names sing a song called baby, but at least DaBaby is moderately enjoyable here, so there’s that.

#83: How Do You Sleep? – Sam Smith – 6/10 – This song is more angsty melodrama from a man who provides plenty of that, but it’s not a bad listen and the singer certainly sings this song with conviction.

#82:  Swervin – A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie f/6ix 9ine – 3/10 – This isn’t a very good song, although it would admittedly have been a bit better without Snitch Nine in it.  This was the second and definitely the worse of the songs we got from the Spiderman animated film soundtrack.

#81:  Rumor – Lee Brice – 5/10 – This song is okay but I don’t really tend to have any strong feelings or any resonance at all when I listen to it.  It exists and was popular enough to make the charts, so there’s that.

#80:  Trip – Ella Mai – 8/10 – This song was certainly a pleasant and enjoyable holdover from last year and was one of the best R&B songs of the year.  Ella Mai is certainly a performer I would like to hear more from and this song did a good job of showcasing her vocals over an amazing DJ Mustard beat.

#79:  Knockin’ Boots – Luke Bryan – 7/10 – Although my enjoyment of this song wasn’t particularly deep it was at least an enjoyable song and I found myself nodding my head to it and that is pleasant enough.

#78:  Only Human – Jonas Brothers – 7/10 – One of two Jonas Brothers songs on the YE charts, this one has a cheap sort of 80’s feel, but it’s one that the band leans into, even if the song’s sentiments aren’t one I can wholeheartedly endorse.

#77:  Worth It – YK Osiris – 3/10 – This song is unpleasant to listen to and YK’s caterwauling certainly isn’t pleasant to hear.

#76:  My Type – Saweetie – 6/10 – This song exists and didn’t actively offend me, even if it’s sentiments aren’t really those I enjoy.  I can get the appeal of a song like this for some people but it wasn’t aimed at me.

#75:  Baby Shark – Pirnkfong – 0/10 – This song is one of the most annoying songs I have ever heard and it’s baffling that it became a big hit, but it is precisely the sort of song that children like because of its annoying qualities.

#74:  Close Friends – Lil Baby – 1/10 – Why does Lil Baby have a career?  This song is unpleasant to listen to and Lil Baby’s voice is a monotonus drone here.  I just can’t get the appeal of this.

#73:  Bury A Friend – Billie Eilish – 8/10 – The first of three Billie Eilish songs on this year’s YE chart, this is a song whose creepiness I can really enjoy.  It’s not a scary song, but its darkness is pretty clear.

#72:  Breathin – Ariana Grande – 8/10 – This song is my favorite of the Ariana Grande songs that appeared on the YE charts, and the one whose appeal most resonates with me.  Dealing with her efforts to keep moving after the Manchester terrorist bombing at a concert of hers, it is a song whose resolution to power through PTSD is something I can definitely endorse.

#71:  Leave Me Alone – Flipp Dinero – 5/10 – This song exists, and I’m surprised it leaves so little a trace.  I really can’t think of much that is distinctive about this song to me or any reason to look for something.

#70:  Trampoline – SHAED – 8/10 – I really dig the moody and atmospheric nature of this particular song, with its dreamlike feel.  I don’t think this band will necessarily have another big hit, but there are far worse things to be remembered for than this.

#69:  I Like It – Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin – 3/10 – I don’t really like this song, and the only parts of the song I even find tolerable are from the sample.  Cardi B and her associates don’t add anything to this song that pleases me at all.

#68:  Act Up – City Girls – 5/10 – I mean, this song exists, and it’s nice that City Girls have a career, but this isn’t a song that I really enjoy at all.

#67:  When The Party’s Over – Billie Eilish – 8/10 – This song is another enjoyable and very melancholy song from Billie Eilish, and even though it never became a big hit, it stuck around on the charts long enough to make the YE, and I’m happy for this.  You can really get a sense of genuine pathos here.

#66:  Murder On My Mind – YNW Melly – 6/10 – Although I don’t have very good feelings about the rapper who made this, this is the sort of melancholy reflection of urban violence that I can understand.  The fact that the song seems to mirror the real life of the rapper only makes it more poignant a reflection of waste.

#65:  Con Calma – Daddy Yankee & Katy Perry f/Snow – 4/10 – I’m glad that Snow has another hit but Katy Perry really drags this remix down.  I’d give a 6/10 to the original (?) song, which is itself a pleasant enough remix of Snow’s early 90’s cod raggae smash.

#64:  The London – Young Thug, J. Cole & Travis Scott – 5/10 – This song exists.  I don’t feel much about it, but I’m not bothered by it either.

#63:  Beer Never Broke My Heart – Luke Combs – 6/10 – I’m not much of a drinker but the sentiment of this song is certainly one I can understand and Luke Combs is an emotive country singer, so the appeal here is easy enough to see even if it’s not his best work.

#62:  Circles – Post Malone – 8/10 – This song is enjoyable adult alternative music for me at least, moody song about the winding down of a relationship that is easy enough to appreciate.  I’m glad it hit #1 for Posty.

#61:  Hey Look Ma, I Made It – Panic! At The Disco – 4/10 – My feelings about this song are conflicted.  On the one hand, I appreciate this song’s effort to portray the seedy underbelly and nothingness of pop glory, but this is a pop sellout that tries to gain credibility by attacking pop sellouts, and everything about this song appears cheap and cynical.

#60:  You Say – Lauren Daigle – 9/10 – If Lauren Daigle is a bit uncanny in being a Christian Contemporary Adele clone and even if it is unlikely that she will crossover again with massive pop success, this was a song whose message is one I can definitely endorse and the song held up despite massive overplay, and that’s worth a lot.

#59:  Envy Me – Calboy – 4/10 – I don’t really feel much of anything about this song and I can’t really envy the empty flexing from someone who was a no-name before this song and hasn’t done anything since then.

#58:  Close To Me – Ellie Goulding X Diplo f/Swae Lee – 7/10 – I actually enjoyed this song, in large part because of the bracing singing of Ellie Goulding.  Swae Lee, of course, will be talked about later, and he does his usual thing.  This song has a memorable hook, to be sure.

#57:  Taki Taki – DJ Snake f/Selena Gomez, Ozuna & Cardi B – 5/10 – The melody is okay, but I really didn’t like the singing on this song very much.  Fortunately, I didn’t have to listen to it much either.

#56:  The Git Up – Blanco Brown – 6/10 – If this song is a rip-off of Old Town Road (more on that later), and if it is slower than dance songs are, this was at least an enjoyable song as far as shameless cash grabs are concerned.  The fact that Blanco Brown appears likable as far as corporate plants go certainly helps as well.

#55:  Pure Water – Mustard & Migos – 6/10 – I must say that 2018 and 2019 have given me a much better appreciation of DJ Mustard as a DJ and artist, and if this song isn’t as good as some of his other work it’s certainly decent at least.

#54:  Be Alright – Dean Lewis – 7/10 – This song is a moody breakup song (no shortage of those this year), and there is a considerable gap between the platitudes the lyrics express and the downbeat nature of the song’s singing and framing, but honestly, that’s what I like most about the song.

#53:  God’s Country – Blake Shelton – 9/10 – I really appreciated this song, with its bombast and dark tone about the struggles of farming and Blake Shelton’s flinty and combative faith.  This was the third of the hits of this year that most resonated with me, and we’ve already talked about all of them.

#52:  Whiskey Glasses – Morgan Wallen – 6/10 – I’m not a huge fan of this song or the drinking that it celebrates, but it is certainly an honest and vulnerable wallowing in post-breakup sorrow, and I can respect that.

#51:  Wake Up In The Sky – Gucci Mane X Bruno Mars X Kodak Black – 4/10 – Why have we given Kodak Black more hits?  This song is pretty tired and awfully complacent about itself and none of the singers do a great job here.  Bruno Mars is a lot better than this and his 2019 hits were a big disappointment (more on that later).

To Be Continued…

[1] See, for example:




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