Somaliland Update: Heeding The Call

In today’s Somaliland update I would like to talk about a few ways in which the outside world is gaining a greater awareness of Somaliland little by little. First, I would like to look at some success that Somaliland has had attracting businesses interested in investment. Next, I would like to talk about the draw Somaliland has for its own civic-minded citizens who have been successful in the business world. Finally, I would like to talk about an intriguing example of international media that is paying attention to Somaliland.

Somaliland’s First International Trade Fair

Last month, from December 17th-21st, Somaliland held its first international trade fair for distributers and suppliers all over the horn of Africa [1]. Somaliland has grown in recent years as a regional trade hub in the horn of Africa because of its stability, its low taxes, and its pro-business laws, in marked contrast to the piracy and general political anarchy of its neighbor Somalia.

As a result, more than 160 companies from 20 foreign countries, and about 10,000 people were expected for the event. We are still awaiting updates from the website for the event [2] to see how successful it was, but to be able to draw such a large amount of people to a business event in Somaliland has to be counted as a great success, especially when one looks at the neighborhood and the general economic climate of nations like Yemen and Somalia.

Hussein Abdi Dualeh: A Passion For Oil And His Homeland

Somaliland247 has a fascinating biographical report on Hussein Abdi Dualeh, a native Somalilander raised in South Yemen and educated in the United States, who now serves as Somaliland’s Minister for Mining, Energy, And Water Resources [3]. His tale is an intriguing one. He was born in Central Somaliland, and when he was a child his father left for Aden, in what was then the independent nation of South Yemen. Feeling wanderlust himself he left to Abu Dhabi and then the United States, where he got educated at the University of Oklahoma and found a job with Chevron.

Having married and spent most of his adult life in the United States, Dualeh still kept in contact and kept involved with his homeland and its political situation. Joining opposition politics, he led the North American chapter of the Kulmiye party, and when its presidential candidate won in 2010, he was asked to leave the California MTA to serve as a minister in President Silanyo’s government. His Somali wife and children still live in California, but he now lives in Hargeisa while helping to develop Somaliland’s oil resources.

There are plenty of fly by night companies that are looking for an easy mark in Somaliland, but Somaliland’s savvy and western-educated minister is only looking for serious companies that have the capabilities to do a good job. Those who are looking for an easy monopoly, like Jarch Capital (which ones the South Sudan exploratory rights), or those companies complaining about force majure without doing anything to develop Somaliland’s oil resources have little positive to expect from the fiery Somaliland minister. So far the Chinese are having better luck because of their more serious approach. So far.

Turkey Paying Attention

Somaliland247 has posted a three-part video in Turkish about Somaliland [4]. Now, Turkey has some experience in supporting de facto states (like Northern Cyprus), so perhaps this means that Somaliland may start getting some support from Turkey, a nation that understands how corrupt the international system is when it comes to de facto regimes. Unfortunately, I cannot translate the video or its contents since I do not know Turkish. If you do, enjoy.





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4 Responses to Somaliland Update: Heeding The Call

  1. Dear Nathanalbright,
    Thanks for the info, What does Somalian government think about the recognition of the somaliland being independent?

    • William,

      Somalia doesn’t have a functioning national government, and hasn’t for about twenty years. Its Transitional Federal Government (TFG) does not currently recognize Somaliland’s independence, but it should, and soon.

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