Book Review: Como Te Llamas?

Como Te Llamas?: Everyday Llamas You Might Know, by Kristin Llamas

This book is not quite what one would expect, and if it’s not a very serious book in any way, it is certainly an enjoyable look at llamas. In many ways, this book springs from a fortunate (?) coincidence in that the author married someone with the last name of llamas and happens to love llamas and has drawn a lot of llamas and thought about the individuality that llamas have, one of the aspects that makes them so loveable as a species. If you want to see humorous drawings and captions of llamas, this book is certainly a good read. Indeed, regardless of what you want that is about all of what you will see in this book and it is fortunate that the book is well-suited to make one laugh and smile and reflect on the ways that people resemble the llamas included. I found quite a few that I resembled myself in terms of personality if not look, and that will likely be true of many of the book’s readers as well. It is unclear what sort of deeper purposes the author had, but the art is lovely and the captions are funny and the llamas included are entertaining and relatable. It seems rather impolite to demand anything more.

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