Is Creativity A Blessing Or A Curse?

I often find myself wondering whether creativity is a blessing or a curse.  Frequently I come up with ideas of something that would be worthwhile in some particular situation despite lacking the skills to always implement such an idea myself.  For example, this morning I was chatting with some acquaintances of mine online and I figured that a well-designed game could help songs by an artist go to #1 by involving microtransactions of tracks and bundles of merchandise that could increase the sales numbers dramatically in the course of playing games.  Some artists have already sought to use games as a way of increasing streams, but there are ways to do so with considerable skill, assuming someone had the programming skills to integrate microtransactions of songs, album, and bundles as well as YouTube streams or other ODS into the fabric of the game to allow decisions made in-game to influence the points that a given song or album was getting and thus drive chart performance.  If I can think of such an idea based on my own experience as both a chart watcher and as a gamer, then certainly someone else can do the same thing as well and put such a plan into creation that would allow the efforts of gamers to help the artists that they support.  It seems like only a matter of time before such a thing is done.

Is such creativity a blessing or a curse?  So far in my life my creativity has given me a certain amount of personal enjoyment in thinking of thought experiments and thinking of ideas that have been fruitful in terms of writings.  If I have not profited monetarily from such things, I assume that to be from a general lack of having a head for business or the greed of acquisition that other people seem to have in larger quantities to me.  Be that as it may, the fact that such ideas have allowed me the freedom to write happily and fluently in a way that could not have happened if I did not have a relatively fertile stock of ideas to ponder and mysteries to solve is not something that is without personal importance.  I would likely care a lot less about creativity if I did not have to deal with it and its repercussions so often.  I suspect that is the case for many creative people, whether or not their creativity is something that they are even conscious of.  The ability to find unusual and striking and original solutions to the sorts of problems that plague everyday life is something that has its own benefits and drawbacks and tends to force attention being paid to the process by which one turns one’s idle reflections and passing thoughts into more sustained efforts and assays and sometimes into very successful approaches for the future.

We are used to thinking of creativity as something to be praised, so it is unexpected that we would think of it as potentially a bad thing.  And yet creativity is not always something that is good to the person who is creative.  I can speak with experience with this and I am far from alone.  Institutions frequently have a way that they prefer to have things done, and the more rigid an institution is in how they want to do things, and those who have a reputation for doing things their own way can easily receive negative attention for so doing.  Most of us have our own personal preferences for how to do things, and when we are in positions of power we tend to reward those who do things the way we like to do things and tend to have negative views of those who do things in a way that we do not understand nor, correspondingly, approve of.  And while we are willing to give lip service to the value of creativity, we are often unable to act on those ideals when it comes time to recognize creativity that goes against our own grain.  But great profits can come to us to the extent that we are able to celebrate and cultivate the creativity of others, and great benefits can come in our own lives from going about things a different way than others do and finding places where that tendency is well-regarded.

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