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Elephants In The Room

It is a sad reality, though I wish it were not so, that most people do not want the truth. Most people neither want to hear nor to tell the truth, when we get to the bottom of matters. A … Continue reading

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Strong Enough

Every once in a while I come across stories that make me feel rather ambivalent, and it is those sorts of stories that allow me to work my way through difficult mental dilemmas.  Such an occasion happened today, as numerous … Continue reading

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Psalm 129: Yet They Have Not Prevailed Against Me

Sometimes the thoughts one has about a Bible verse has a lot to do with context and situation. This weekend I have been engaged in a conversation with friends about the sort of treatment one has for those who are … Continue reading

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It Shall Not Be So Among You

People have many incorrect ideas about leadership, and how leaders are to behave, and often many of these people seek to support their ideas from scripture. Even though not all of us here have title or offices, we are all … Continue reading

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The Bully As Coward…

Today I received an invitation to a concert of a group I’ve never heard of (called 10th Concession) that is apparently helping out Ellen Degeneres’ anti-bullying campaign called “It Gets Better.”  I have a lot of mixed feelings about such … Continue reading

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Names I Call Myself: A Musing on the Politics of Self-Identity

This evening I had a phone conversation with a historian and very close personal friend of mine who lives on the other side of the United States from me.  He and I share a good deal in common in our … Continue reading

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Does North Korea Need A Bully Beatdown?

One of my favorite shows on television, and one of the only MTV-network reality shows I can stand watching, is a program called Bully Beatdown.  Over the course of a half-hour episode, a victim of bullying sends in a video, … Continue reading

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