Because It Wouldn’t Be 2020 Without….A Liveblogging Experiment

3:56PM PDT

As it stands right now, I am getting ready for a red-eye flight to Florida and then a transfer to a flight to Jamaica. But because it’s 2020, things can’t go down without some last minute drama. As it happens, the test results I submitted for my Covid test had a quirk on them that caused it to be kicked out by Jamaica [1]. The test results themselves showed that the test had been requested on 9/21 and that the results were obtained on 9/26. This led Jamaica to figure that the test had been taken outside of the ten day window for travel. Of course, seeing this early this afternoon, I was forced to scramble to copy the lab schedule showing that I had taken the test on the 24th, which is after the window started on the 23rd. As it happens, while I was typing this I got a response back from Jamaica saying that, as of 3:45PM or so Thursday afternoon, I am cleared to go, even if there will be a health screening when I arrive in Jamaica, which should be fun, I suppose.

Last minute errands are always fun. Most of today I have been packing as well as planning for various things and also making sure that my work is done and ready to hand off to those who will fill in next week when I am gone. So far that seems to have gone well, so I have a couple of book reviews to write, then a quick swing to the library and then some dinner before I head off to the airport. Travel in the age of covid sounds like it is going to be quite exciting if not nearly as busy as it usually is, so rest assured, dear readers, that there will be at least a report when I land if I do not feel like typing one in before I get to Jamaica. I haven’t decided if liveblogging this trip is something I want to do, although looking at it, I think that would be a great way for me to vent about the frustrations of traveling when people are concerned about a pandemic, so here goes.

[1] See, for example:

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