It’s Okay To Be White

Earlier today I received a couple of stories that dealt with the case of a flyer that has been making its rounds on Western Connecticut State University that simply say “It’s Okay To Be White.”  Overly woke campus authorities and ironically named Antifa activists are viewing these flyers as “NeoNazi” flyers and are calling upon vigilance to protect their University from hateful attacks [1].  Similar flyers have been posted around Oklahoma City University, and authorities there are searching for the man who posted such obvious but unpleasant truths.  Now, being a white man myself, I do not think that it ought to be viewed as hateful to say that it is okay to be white.  There is no comparison here, as if the person making or posting the message wanted to convey that it was better to be white than to be something else.  There was no hostility being shown towards other peoples, simply a statement of obvious fact that it was indeed okay to be white.

How could such a statement be viewed as problematic?  There are only a few people who have acted otherwise in their lives.  Rachel Dolezal, for example, pretended to be black and was an NAACP leader who found her racial identity busted and ended up copping a plea deal on a welfare fraud case.  Elizabeth Warren, occasional target of mockery in these pages [2], has long pretended to be a Native American rather than own up to her 1023/1024 white heritage.  For the most part, though, white people are generally okay with being white, even if others seek to blame all of the world’s evils on white people and on white privilege.  Again, it seems as if only people who are racist against white people would view it as problematic that at least some white people want to make it clear that it is okay being white, because such a message is only troublesome to those who do not believe it to be such an obvious truth that it should not even have to be said.

After all, race is something that you are born with and at least in terms of its visual manifestation is something that one can do little about, although some people try.  Whatever shade of skin one happens to have is a question of melanin and not a question of anything else.  Whatever shade you happen to be is okay, and no one is diminished thereby whatever shade one happens to have.  I myself am pale but ruddy and freckled, and prone to sunburn, and that is not something that I can do very much about.  In Thailand there are various skin cremes that are sold for people to make their skin a few shades lighter, but I always felt a great deal of pity for those who found such products to be attractive, the same sort of pity I feel for those who go to tanning beds in order to make themselves appear a few shades darker.  Nor have I ever believed that someone’s merit was tied to the color of their skin rather than the content of their character, having seen enough of the world and its inhabitants to recognize the wide range of both color and character in humanity.

We ought to ask ourselves what we read into messages when it come to identity politics.  If someone said, “It’s okay to be a man,” would that in any way imply that the person had hostility to women?  No.  It would imply hostility to rhetoric that would view manhood as illegitimate and problematic, to be sure, but not hostility to women.  If it is offensive to see flyers that say that “it’s okay to be white,” it is only offensive that such a glaringly obvious truth has to be said in the first place, and that the airing of such an obvious truth causes controversy.  Would it be controversial to say that “it’s okay to be black?”  No.  It is indeed okay to be black, and it was okay to be black in a moral perspective even when it was not a very enjoyable thing given the unjust and biased legal system that was present in the United States at the time.  Ultimately God is our judge and is at least the potential Father of all humanity, regardless of their shade of skin.  If He had not thought it okay for us to be however He created us, He would not have created us all in His image and likeness.  It is not our job to read our own warped interpretations into messages that express impolitic truths, but rather our duty and responsibility to ensure that we live in such a way that we respect others as we would wish to be respected, however difficult that is.  And if we think that it is troublesome or problematic that someone would say or think that it is okay to be white, maybe we should wonder why we do not think that to be okay, and to examine the hatred and prejudice that is inside of our own dark hearts.


[2] See, for example:

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