Restaurant Review: Antigua Yacht Club Restaurant

Antigua Yacht Club Restaurant, English Harbor, Antigua

If you are, say, in English Harbor on the eve of the Day of Atonement and looking for a place to eat before sunset, your options are limited.  Specifically, they are limited to this restaurant.  There are plenty of restaurants, even out of season, that are open at 6PM.  Unfortunately, sunset is around 6PM (a little before), so none of the other restaurants in the area are appropriate for eating dinner.  It should be noted that most of these restaurants appear to have lunch that goes until 4PM or so, but we did not arrive early enough to eat a late lunch and as we only had snacks on the plane we were definitely hungry for a meal.  Speaking personally, not having had a full meal since lunch the previous day, I was not in the mood to start my Atonement fast a day early.  So if you are in the same situation as we were in, this is a restaurant you will get to know in the absence of other available options.

And this is not a restaurant that is a bad one to eat at by any means.  Service from the South African-accented waitress is friendly, the cook can get ones order done in a timely fashion if prompted (as ours was), and the view from the seats is a beautiful one of the harbor and the boats below.  There appears to be a loyal clientele of ex pats (many of whom are likely to be members of the Yacht Club on sight, I would guess).  Each of our party ordered different food and all expressed a positive view of the food ordered.  I ordered chicken teriyaki, which was served on a reasonable sized plate with plenty of chicken as well as jasmine rice and sauce.  My mother ordered a chicken caesar without bacon or crutons and the salad was sizable and tasty.  My stepfather ordered a Caribbean beer to go along with his veggie burger (with avocados, tomatoes, and cucumber slices) with lots of sweet potato fries on the side and dinner came with a bottle of Italian spring water which was quite good.  Overall the meals were a bit on the spedy side (my chicken dish was about $20, the salad was about $15 and the veggie burger about $15 as well).  All prices were in ECU’s but the waitress helpfully included the conversion by hand and gratuity of about 16% was included in the bill.  The total bill for three people eating modestly with one drink (water was 10 ECU, or about 4$) was $68, which is by no means a cheap meal but I have seen worse in other Caribbean countries.  For a place that had no competition in its time slot it was not as overpriced as it could have been but it was by means the sort of bargain option that most tourists would seek.  Overall, 4 out of 5 stars.

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