Book Review: 101 Trump Jokes

101 Trump Jokes, With Barack, Hillary, Bernie And More, by Zane Hogan, illustrations by Katherine Hogan

[Note:  This book was provided free of charge by Tiny Camel Books.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.]

It is rare in a comedy book [1] when the author diagnoses the main problem with his work.  In this book we have the author’s open admission that the problem with Trump jokes is that Trump supporters don’t think the jokes are funny and his haters don’t think they are jokes.  In reading this I understood that the author himself understood the nature of the problem of creating a joke book on our current president, even if many of the readers of the book will find themselves either viewing this book as nonfiction rather than humor or not finding it funny at all.  I view this book in a similar sense to the joke book about Hillary Clinton’s e-mail server [2] in that the book served as an attempt to laugh rather than cry about the current political state of our nation, and it should be noted that not all the jokes are at Trump’s expense even if most of them are.

One can get a sense at the low-hanging fruit the author is working with here in looking at the sort of subjects that make up these jokes.  The author comments on Trump’s combover, his orange tan, his career as a businessman, his supposed unlikable nature, his marriages, the wall with Mexico, and the like.  Some of the more potent zingers make reference to his tweeting as well as his golf game and his womanizing.  A few of the punch lines are a bit of a surprise, and given the general obviousness of much of this material the fact that any surprises could be found was somewhat remarkable.  One of the pleasures, if you can call it that, of reading this book is trying to figure out who all of the people giving the captions are.  It is fairly easy to recognize Trump himself, Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders, but it is not always obvious who is meant by a woman who appears often.  Is the ugly woman Pelosi or Senator Fauxcahontas?  Does it really matter anyway?  Such are the mysteries one has when one reads joke books about politicians, and that is trying to identify everyone.  Perhaps the book could have used a key.

As I mentioned before, some of the funnier jokes in this book are not necessarily at Trump’s expense.  At least one of the jokes, for example, makes reference to Hillary’s e-mail server.  One can imagine that the author is not hostile to Trump as much as he wishes to capitalize on the widespread derangement of people against him on the part of those on the left, who are not generally known for their overabundance of humor.  This book manages to demonstrate that contemporary politics is not well-suited to good humor, although the author gives it his best effort, without a doubt.  As someone who does not find these books to be as funny as I would like, I view this book as useful more as a sign of our nation’s troubled political state at present than for its jokes.  And I do not know where that is something to laugh about or cry about, that the author shows himself trying to laugh about our political malaise and view himself as above it all, while demonstrating that our political state is not particularly funny.  For whether you view this book’s humor as not funny on account of being disrespectful or not funny because it is not a joke, either way you are taking politics more seriously than the author himself.

[1] See, for example:


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