Book Review: One Love: Divine Healing At Open Clinic

One Love:  Divine Healing At Open Clinic, by Ruth Anderson

[Note:  This book was provided free of charge by Books Go Social/Net Gallery.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.]

When I saw the title to this book I wondered if the author was some kind of quack doctor engaged in healing that I would have a pleasure in debunking.  As it happens, the healing discussed is supposed healing for spirits along their supposed journey.  The author shows herself to be strongly influenced by all kinds of bogus occult thinking, from reincarnation and karmic debt to astral projection and chakras and the supposed “law of attraction” and spirit guides and even close encounters of the paranormal kind [1].  There is a lot here that one will be familiar with if one is familiar with contemporary New Age thought.  Given the openness with which the author exposes herself to ridicule by talking about engaging in spiritualist practices, one wonders how she could have been so clueless not to know what blogging was, although as someone who has blogged for well over a decade, perhaps I am not the most sympathetic to people who have no idea what it is I spend so much time doing.

This book consists of the rather loosely organized and somewhat meandering thoughts of someone who fancies herself a reverend of some kind and a suitable guide to New Age practice for those who are interested.  The author talks about how she moved from a fairly ordinary Methodist background into a belief in New Age spirituality and a real hunger for close interaction with angels.  The author discusses soul ties and her efforts at bringing healing to those who feel estranged by God for the various disasters and trials they have suffered.  Of course, the healing that she brings is largely illusory, as she give stories about a supposedly higher astral form of herself that heals spirits even when her physical body is sleeping or otherwise occupied.  It would be nice if I could write book reviews even when I was asleep myself, but I cannot vouch for the quality of the work.  This book is the result of someone who wants to be recognized for being a writer and has a lot of very weird stories to tell but is someone who is clearly writing for people that are going to be more favorable to what she has to say than her family would be.

I must admit that I am not the most favorable audience for a work like this.  In reading this book, I saw that the author had been influenced by some spirits masquerading as angels of God and that she had found out that her spirit guides who are normally so nice and so friendly could be extremely possessive and territorial and upset at her interacting with some lilac-colored spirits.  The author appears to admit that she had a deep interest in angels that was not satisfied by her experience in mainstream Christianity.  Unfortunately, her interest in the occult has shown her to be susceptible to demon influence which she remains blissfully unaware of, while still seeking for reassurance from her supposed spirit guides.  Rather than feeling angry at this author, I feel a great deal of pity for many people who long for a loving relationship with God and whose longing for spiritual insight and intimacy leads them into vulnerability with demons of one kind or another who serve as lying guides and spread false doctrines about supposed false lives and their own dubious insights.  This book should be an encouragement to churches to take spiritual warfare more seriously, and to be compassionate on those whose curiosities and their own loneliness and brokenness make them easy prey for such spirits.

[1] See, for example:

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