Y U No Finish: The Road To Elephants

The Road To Elephants, by Maram Taibah

[Note:  This book, or at least part of it, was provided free of charge by Books Go Social.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.]

Usually when a book ends up in this category, there is some fault by the author [1].  For example, a book may be too long to read in a convenient fashion, or it may be infuriating to read, or something of that nature.  At 37 pages, this book is not too long, and what I was able to read in the story was certainly worthwhile and thought-provoking, and certainly an interesting style.  So, why wasn’t I able to finish this book?  Really, the fault of this book, at least as I got it, was in a digital reader’s copy that only showed one page of the short story, namely page 2, which meant that while what I was able to read was certainly interesting, the rest of the story was lacking, and thus was something I was unable to review in full, unfortunately.  This is a case where I wanted to be able to read more, but where I was prevented to by a poor digital copy that simply did not include the whole story as was promised.

Again, there wasn’t much of this story I was able to read, but what I was able to read was certainly interesting and made me want to read more.  The story opens with some abandoned children whose parents went off to Indonesia and never returned and whose foster parent (?) of sorts is extremely overprotective to the point of being abusive.  One can imagine that the story that follows may be somewhat semi-autobiographical, as many such stories of suffering children are, and that it involves some sort of coming-of-age story involving freedom and intellectual curiosity or something of that light, but again, what parts of the story this terrible digital copy contains only hints at the materials to come and leads to a great deal of curiosity without totally answering that curiosity.  There is much here to excite interest, but little payoff, although that is no fault of the author herself unless she created this digital copy for reviewers.

[1] See, for example:




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