A Sabbath Day’s Journey Or Two

This morning was an unusual Sabbath for me, although it will probably surprise no one who knows my normal Sabbath habits [1] that it ended up being perhaps a somewhat more busy Sabbath than most people have when they go to the coast with others.  I must admit that this is not my normal habit, nor do I plan on it being a normal habit, but all the same, as an observer and participant in life I like to leave a record of my actions and impressions as a record.  Whether or not that record speaks against me or not is something I leave to posterity and my heavenly judge to decide.  Those who have at least some experience with phenomena are able to provide at least the raw data that allows for insight to be drawn even if there are times where too close a familiarity prevents one from having the sort of detachment that allows for insight.

Today began, at least for me, with sitting in bed and doing some quiet reading while feeling exhausted after a sleep of around eight hours or so.  While I quietly read, many of the other people in the house were talking much more loudly about their plans, and before too long someone came to let me know that it was time to eat, which I did quite properly in my pjs.  Almost immediately after we finished eating, without even time for me to shower and change, we had a somewhat informal (!) services with plenty of hymns and one message that I gave on Jerusalem as the Mother of all believers [2].  After the message ended, there was enough time for me to shower and change, at long last, before we headed off to do some exploration.  As I am not yet in the habit of wearing hats, I left a new hat on the bureau as we went off to Whalen Island, which is about a quarter of a mile away from the house we rented on the coast.

The island itself was lovely, and there was a trail of about a mile and a half or so that made a circuit around a large portion of the island.  Naturally, we decided to hike it, although it made for a Sabbath day’s journey or two.  The six of us that went along naturally broke into three groups of two for most of the hiking, with the two girls scampering off first, those of us who were more along the line of middle aged in the middle, and the two older people in the back.  Most of the trail consisted of a narrow path that was occasionally in the mire that was covered in trees going by flowering bushes, but there were small paths departing from the main path that went to various views, including a look over the estuary back towards the coast as well as down to a beautiful and fairly secluded beach where we spent a great deal of time resting and chatting and where the girls had a good time.  On our way back from this beach I gave myself a slight wound by bumping my head into a branch that I could not see, providing yet more evidence of those blind spots I have that give me head injuries from time to time, and then we made the rest of our hike while making sure that no one got lost or stranded, and where I even needed to explain a map to one of the members of our party in order to keep him from traveling down the wrong path as we neared the end of our journey.

After that we returned back to the rented home to regroup.  As is my fashion, I did a fair bit of reading and writing, and finished the first pitcher of iced tea, while others napped as is their fashion.  It had been our intention to travel later in the afternoon to other places to view lighthouses or walk along the beach, but the general lassitude of our party made such plans impossible to execute.  Perhaps it may seem odd, being a fairly sedentary person of quiet (!) habits that include prolific amounts of reading and blogging, that I would be in the middle of activity of a party of people, but so it is.  Perhaps the journey will be made tomorrow morning, as there ought to be at least some time we have at the shore before we depart for our normal existence.  In the meantime, we ought to remember the trips we make, for we can gain insight from our behavior that shines a light on our habits and our times, whether or not what it says about us is necessarily what we would want it to.

[1] See, for example:







[2] See, for example:


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