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Examining The Options Of Palestinian Statehood

By the time I wake up, we will know a lot more about the way that the bid for Palestinian statehood is shaping up. That said, there are a few different options that exist, and they are worth examining at … Continue reading

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Deuteronomy 21:1-9: Righteous Blood Cries Out For Vengeance

How seriously do we take the vengeance of God? We know from Romans 12:19, which quotes Deuteronomy 32:35, that we are not to avenge ourselves, for “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay,” says God. So believers know that they are … Continue reading

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What Would Otto Von Bismarck Do?

Today while I was having an online conversation with a friend about her background (which was Danish and German), I was reminded of one of my favorite obscure wars of history: the Danish War of 1864. In this war (to … Continue reading

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Made To Last

One of the aspects of modern technology that I do not particularly understand very well is the drive on the part of manufacturers and web designers to continually (and drastically) change their approach. This is one of the aspects of … Continue reading

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Crises Of The Houses Divided

I come from a house divided. I have long recognized that I was not alone in this, but it has taken a lifetime to realize just how divided all of the houses I have ever belonged to are. In fact, … Continue reading

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Negative Obsessive Rumination And The Artist’s Enigma

It is almost a cliche to hear of the relationship between artists and mental illness. Writers, musicians, comics, and other performers are routinely diagnosed with mental illness, particularly depression, and often self-medicate through sexuality, drugs, and alcohol. Nonetheless, artists are … Continue reading

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Why Do Governments Get Blamed For Natural Disasters?

One of the illogical, but seemingly constant, facets of life is to read articles like this one [1] where governments are blamed for natural disasters. While it might be satisfying to take a cheap shot at Pakistan for such unrealistic … Continue reading

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The Day I Gave Myself Homework

Today something happened in class that is a rare one for a teacher, and that is giving myself homework. Today in Speech class I was introducing the fifth speech for my students: “Get the facts,” in which I expostulated eloquently … Continue reading

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Why Have A Trinity Anyway?

Today I would like to tackle, at least in part, the second of the two loose threads I deliberately left in my original post on the Trinity earlier this weekend [1]. Today I would not like to answer the important … Continue reading

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Somaliland Update: Chinese Deal, Athletes, Foreign Diplomacy Update

As is often the case, I sometimes hold off on writing a Somaliland update and then find out it becomes much larger than it was originally intended to be. In today’s update we have some further information about the Chinese … Continue reading

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